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Only by unity can we thrive

Truly Malaysian
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I refer to the Malaysiakini report Official: Malaysiakini not friendly to Umno .

The statement made by the Umno warlords is exactly what is happening in Malaysia, modern day imperialists who can dictate the very notion and action that continues to suppress the freedom of society by the abuse of power vested in the pretext of safeguarding the freedom of speech and expression of the public.

What we have in Malaysia is a semi-feudal system and imperialist capitalism in the form of Umno warlords - the modern day bourgeoisie - replacing the rulers to dictate with artificial glasnost .

The proletarian who possesses neither capital nor production means must earn our living by our labour and with our service to enrich these people for a system that continues to suppress us without a choice to express our expression or thoughts for the well-being of our society.

Whatever its classical and medieval usage, dictatorship of the proletariat would suppress resistance to any permanent revolution by the proletarian, creating a self-serving class system that continues to exploit the proletarian.

The transition to socialist capitalism can only emerge when the proletariat such as you and me work out the general perspective for the development of the society, establish a correct and righteous political line and organise the working people to institute what is called the ‘withering away of the bourgeoisie’

In the singular you can’t do it, but we as the community collectively, who mandated these leaders in the first place, can but only if we chose to.

The government practices artificial glasnost with regards to freedom of expression, speech and economics rather than listening to the proletarian who exposes the evil and strikes a responsive chord with the public for the cure of social problems.

Whatever we say, it has to promote the best interest of the society although with divergent opinions. In order to move forward and improve the relationship between the society and the leaders, a valve of self-criticism should be open.

This is where our criticism could work towards a permanent social revolution as opposed to the appeasement of the bourgeoisie clan.

The deception that we have been living with is no longer there, but we can do more to enhance society for the humanity that prevails in Malaysia. Your revolutionary conscience is for your society - not for those bourgeoisies.

Your revolution is your destination and for the goodwill of society and it can only happen if you have the ability to act with courage, strength and most importantly the will to sustain your act. This rather than grunting and growling through the suppressed media.

Now, my fellow Malaysians, don’t get all worked up and geared up, but understand that only if we unite and stand together as Malaysians irrespective of our race, religion, colour or creed will we be able to understand the need for our society rather than catering for the individual needs of those bourgeoisies.

Please understand that only by unity can we thrive, the unity that is Malaysian irrespective of our thoughts and our diversified backgrounds. Only humanity alone will prevail because we are well- balanced and level-headed Malaysians and our leaders should not take us for a ride.

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