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Latest flu outbreak an American plot

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Global alarm as killer swine flu spreads .

To date, close to a hundred people have died and more than a thousand affected. It is reported that: ‘The worrisome new virus combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before....'

Now, reports like this immediate send shock and suspicious signals. In natural-occurring animals, birds, plants, and human species, the genetic strains do not mix. If it does, we humans would have noses with beaks, the hind part of birds would have long swinging tails instead, etc.

In the natural biological order of growth and sustenance, as God the Almighty had intended it to be, the order for the genes transmission is vertical.

This means the genes of swine will only pass on to swine, the genes of cows will only pass on to cows, the genes of birds will only pass on to birds, and the genes of humans only pass on to humans.

In the natural order of beings, genes of different species do not transfer horizontally. Likewise, transmission of diseases is only vertical, and not horizontal. Swine and bird diseases do not transmit to humans. Unless...

Since the 70's and 80's, during the Cold War era, much emphasis had been focused on developing weapons of mass destruction using biological agents. SIV-40 (Samien Immuno-Defficiency Virus 40) was created and introduced to chimpanzee and later passed on to Africans and homosexuals. S

A strong stain of the dengue virus was created in the labs of the US Army and released in Latin America and Nicaragua in the 1980's. There are many other examples.

Every pre-winter season, there will be much hype through the mass media in the West to create fear in the masses that an impending fatal strain of flu equivalent to Great Flu Epidemic that killed millions in the West in the 1920's is imminent.

The effect of all this hype is long lines queuing for anti-flu vaccines. In the tropical regions, there is no such thing as a winter flu season. So, the avian flu was ingenuously created. Generally, the people in China and Vietnam who died about four years ago were those who had been taking the avian flu vaccine shots.

The H5N1 hype a few years ago caused nations all over the world to stock up on the anti-bird flu Tamiflu vaccines. Malaysia spent about RM 60 million. These vaccines usually have shelf life of around five years. It is another year to go before the Tamiflu stock pile becomes useless.

And now it is reported that Tamiflu is effective for this new strain of swine flu outbreak. It is also reported that: ‘A 'seed stock' genetically matched to the new swine flu virus has been created by the US Centers for Disease Control, said Dr Richard Besser, the agency's acting director'.

In reality, for vaccines development, it will take months, a few years, or even never. Here we have a ready vaccine stock! And that, too, that matched genes of pigs, birds and humans all in one! All too coincidental.

If we apply logic to basic knowledge in biology and genetics, the horizontal transfer of genes can only happen when genes are artificially tampered with, ie, through genetic engineering, or GMO (genetically modified organism).

In today's geopolitical-economic conflict, and the threatened beginning of the end of the US empire, it is not absurd to reason that covert activities are planned and executed to destabilise different parts of the world, in favour of and for prolonging the hegemony of the US empire.

Please Google for 'NSSM 200'. In the 70's there was a secret plan by the world elites, influenced by the people of the Rockefeller Foundation, to reduce the world's population from six billion to two billion.

The Rockefeller people are in the Obama administration today. Many are members of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

From past events and the hypes on impending flu outbreaks, it is inevitable that this swine flu which originated in Mexico, will very soon reach the shores of South East Asia and other parts of the world.

Very soon there will be panic. There will be public clamouring, and even stampedes for anti- swine flu vaccines.

Remember that vitamin C is the best prevention for any natural or man-made flu outbreak. Sugar and junk food will aggravate any flu symptoms.