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Call to reject Malaysiakini and Western stupidity

I was about to join your ‘famous' website but declined because of your boasts and those who awarded your website are one of the same - subjugated, enslaved, Western-induced weak brains.

I have a million more to write to both of you but please publish these questions to see if you ‘really' practice justice, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and good governance. Let your supporters see what you people think who you are.

Your claims in your About Us and my simple, soft rebuttals and challenges are as follows:

‘... built on fast, accurate and independent news, and well informed and diverse views' - Your views are not fast, not accurate, not independent, not well-informed and not diverse.

‘Discussion on taboo subjects such as migrant workers, Aids, Islam and racial quota systems has generated a new understanding on these issues.' - Your discussion has generated new understanding or more tension, more demonstrations, more friction, instability and distress among the races in this beautiful peaceful country?

‘Our editorial position is consistently supportive of justice, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and good governance' - Justice according to who? You only? Under the name of freedom, do you want to legalise the lower-than-animal behavior called gay and lesbianism?

Human rights according to who? The US and UK that had occupied and invaded more than 120 nations and killed millions? Democracy? The sure-fail, man-made system that has failed humanity all over the world?

You want me to elaborate on the stupidity of democracy? Three persons vied for a post, one guy got 40% of he votes and the other two got 25% and 35%. The winner, the guy who got 40, has 60% of the electorate against him! What happens?

A continued cycle of hate and disagreement. This is one of the many stupidities of this sure-fail man-made system.

Freedom of speech? To say what you like - can a Malay say what he likes in Chinese Singapore? Can a Chinese do that in Indian India? Can a Chinese do that in Korea and Japan? Can you say anything you want in the UK?

Good governance according to Anwar Ibrahim, Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran? Is good governance according to Mahathir mentioned ever in Malaysiakini ? Is good governance according to Islam discussed?

‘Not linked to any political party' - Yuks! Don't make me throw up! I want to vomit!

Malaysiakini has been recognised through various awards and accolades' - Awards from the same mere subjugated, enslaved, Westen-induced weak brains?

What have these award-givers said about the great Malaysian government which has brought a lot of development and changes to the people over the last 50 years?

I have dignity and high self-esteem. I will never associate nor will I ever have one grain of respect for people or countries or systems that legalise slavery, invade and occupy sovereign nations, have the largest cache of weapons and people that stole gold and diamonds off the walls of Agra Red Fort.

To me, Malaysians who follow this so-called justice and freedom coined by the West are really stupid. So Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran, who do you glorify and look up to?

Please don't bull_ _ _ _ me! I am smart enough to see Malaysiakini 's weakness and I strongly suggest you close this stupid site run by mere subjugated, enslaved, Western-induced weak brains for the same subjugated, enslaved, Western-induced weak brains!

Malaysia can be successful without slavery, invading other countries, killing people and stealing.

‘Malaysia Boleh' brother! Free your enslaved and subjugated thoughts! Reject Western stupidity!