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It takes so little nowadays to be arrested

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Bersih's Wong remanded for a day .

It takes so little nowadays to be arrested. It takes so little to have handcuffs slapped on your wrists, to be denied legal counsel and to be furtively led into a car and whisked away in the midst of concerned members of the public, like in a cat-and-mouse or hide-and-seek game.

So it was with Wong Chin Huat, whose sole purpose in speaking up and urging participation was so that the people's rights could be restored, the people's voice could be heard and the road back to democracy could be paved. And to think that wearing a chosen colour is now a crime in Malaysia.

The police have long lost their impartiality. They have forgotten to uphold their sacred oath of office to uphold justice, peace and the law. Somewhere along the way the police force lost its way and now serves only its political masters.

The police have forgotten that it is we, the rakyat, that pay them their salaries. It is we, the rakyat, that pay all public servants and all ministers. It is not the government's money but ours, given in trust, a trust that has been broken time and time again.

Yet they persist in their ‘kowtow' behaviour towards politicians and reject the principles embedded in our constitution.

No institution or body seems to serve the people any more - not the media, not the police, not the courts with its self-serving judges, not the schools and tertiary institutions with their political agenda, not the various ministries, not even Parliament which has many times degenerated into a shameless house of foolishness and foul play.

We are today a nation divided by politicians who have sold their souls for silver and power. We are today a society bereft of the instruments of justice and fair play.

And we are today a people bullied, arrested, persecuted and oppressed by a government that pretends it is here to serve but in actual fact seeks to oppress minds, hearts and lives in order to perpetuate its hold.

What did Wong Chin Huat do that was so threatening ?

When will the ordinary Malaysian summoned by political masters to do the unthinkable - be it to fast-forward the career of an unscrupulous politician or to corrupt the mind and heart of an innocent - stand up and say, ‘No. Enough is enough. Do what you will to me but no more. I will fight for the future of this country.'

When will the ordinary Malaysian, instructed to write lies by his editor, down his pen and walk out of the newspaper office because for him ‘men have lost their reason' and become ‘brutish beasts'?


If not now then when?

When we reach the point of no return?

Do we not know that we are almost there?