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Let me first say how disgusted (but not surprised) I am with TV3' Nightline reporting on the events that happened yesterday. It was totally biased to the point of outright lying! No wonder Malaysians now are no longer look to the mainstream media as a credible source of national news

Back to what happened yesterday. So much for the ‘1Malaysia' plan. We have now 2 Perak MBs 2 speakera and 2 Perak governments.

The police have misplaced their priorities. The are no help being so biased and unprofessional. If only they were so effective at catching Mat Rempit the way they catch all the opposition members, how many lives would have been saved from all the snatch theft cases.

But what is the real issue of all this mayhem? Well, it is simply that BN claims to have the majority of state assembly persons in the Perak assembly (31) and the Pakatan has now only 28 members.

However, it is not as simple as that. Why? Because:

1. The courts have not ruled whether the resignation of the three ‘frogs' was legitimate or not

(meaning, if it is not legitimate, then BN would not have a majority); and

2. The courts have not ruled who is the official menteri besar of Perak; and

3. The courts have not completed hearing the two corruption cases face by two of the ‘frogs'

(meaning if they are found guilty, there could be two more by-elections and that means BN would not have a majority).

What will the courts decide? Any decently-informed Malaysian will tell you who the judiciary will favour! Are we all mind readers and fortune-tellers? Of course not! But the fact that the Zambry and his BN goons are claiming to have the majority without waiting for the courts' decision just proves that either:

1. The judiciary is biased towards the BN; or

2. They just don't care what the courts say?

Which is the correct answer? That I leave that to you!

So why are the Umno people is such a rush to gain power? The answer is because they think they still can bully their way into power like in the past. They think a bribe here, a bribe there, an intimidation here, a blackmail there and they will get what they want.

Ha! But no longer are Malaysians so weak and scared of the BN tyrants. Yesterday, I saw many Malaysian patriots come face to face with their prosecutors and they did not fear or back down. Yesterday, I saw a spirit I have never seen before in most Malaysians. And that is the selfless spirit of fighting for democracy, justice and for the future of this nation.

No longer is the spirit one of ‘as long as you don't ‘kacau' me., I ‘don't care'.' Or the ‘tidak apa' attitude. For that at least, I saw a silver lining in yesterday's events.

So where do we go from here? Whatever happens, whatever the courts decide, eventually one thing we must do as God-fearing, patriotic Malaysians is to remember.

Remember the injustice and the fall of our democratic system at the hands of the BN government.

Remember the sacrifice and the valiant fight of all in the DAP, PAS and PKR.

Remember how strong and courageous Speaker Sivakumar had to be in the face of imminent danger and bodily harm.

Remember how horrible you felt seeing this injustice happening and that there was nothing you could do about it.

Remember all this and come out in full force to help campaign, vote and donate money to make sure BN never has a chance to rape you of your choice and democracy again.