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Brickfields police chief an embarrassing disgrace

I have lived in Malaysia all my life until eight years ago when I decided to leave the country for a better future overseas. I still loved my motherland very much when I left in August 2001. However, having seen some news from various sources on the Internet, Malaysia seems to be falling apart. I am very, very upset. What in the world has happened to my country?

Puzzled by all these ridiculous, unbelievable and sometimes outrageous news, I decided to write to the press. This knowing the fact that, if I were to write anything ‘politically sensitive', I might be jailed without question or even beaten up by whoever that would come into my cell.

I honestly have no idea where to start. Increasing robberies, outrageous rape cases, unreliable police officers, political unrest - you name it, you will find it in Malaysia. This is not the Malaysia I lived in just a short eight years ago.

Malaysia needs to reform or revamp or whatever you call it. But start from the top and especially the police. The entire police force needs to be revamp immediately. It is a most undisciplined and corrupt police force. They can't even control they own personnel.

What made me fume was this video . It was taken at Brickfields police station. This is in relation to the arrest of a political figure. There were less than 20 people in front of the police station staging a peaceful protest. When I say ‘protest', I mean they were sitting on the ground, lighting candles!

I repeat, sitting in front of the police station with candles! How ‘violent' is that?? They made no noise, they threw no glass bottles, they held no weapons. The next thing you see is the so-called district police chief walking out shouting like there is no tomorrow asking his boys to arrest everyone.

Is this a quality of a good leadership? Not convinced? Watch the video again. All I can see is a well-fed police officer with a small-man-syndrome, trying to show his authority. From an outsider's point of view, he was acting like a kid losing his temper, embarrassing himself and the rest of his troops.

To make things worse, he also refused to let lawyers into the police department and eventually arrested all the lawyers outside for a so-called ‘unlawful gathering'.

The last time I remember, Malaysia was a democratic country. But this district police chief has shown how un-democratic we are now. Having said that, this man who screamed his head off probably had no training.

Leadership? He might have caught a few thieves and cracked a few big cases maybe with some luck but he has no leadership quality at all whatsoever.

Honestly, I don't have any political leanings at all. I just want a peaceful, livable country. But Malaysia is definitely not one of them. With the increasing crime rate, bribery and political unrest, how do you expect foreign countries to invest their big money into the country?

Alright, let's not compare Malaysia with any major foreign country. Just take Singapore and South Korea for example. Look at the discipline of the police forces there.

If you put them together, the Malaysian police force doesn't look far different from being unprofessional.

Stray dogs being dumped on an island! Accidents with an increasing death toll! Snatch thefts with fatalities! Stolen cars found in Singapore! Broad daylight robbery!

If my friend asks me how safe it is to travel alone to Malaysia, I will definitely say go elsewhere. You find much better food in China, you find better beaches in Thailand and you find better shopping in Singapore.

So why do you want to go to Malaysia?