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The state of the country - Is it your individual fault?

Truly Malaysian
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Yes, I put it back to you as I am as guilty as you are for the state it has been for our collective inability to voice and act without fear and intimidation for the society at large.

Naturally you will have your theory and I will have mine, but what good is the theory as nonsense keep's happening and all we can think about is: Shall we migrate? It is not my business. I am okay. I am not involved, and yes, everything is okay about me, me and me.

The "me" factor has been the progenitor whether it is based on divide and rule equation politically or because we individually are political and question everything without any action but with our typical blah! blah! blah!

Many loudmouths come and go but what is the actual action to create a society when there is not a single thought. You may have the option to migrate, brown-nose those in power, and look to the hinterland for opportunity for the so-called discrimination, marginalisation and deteriorating state of the Malaysian society.

Yes, it is our own fault as a society to act collectively as we continue to chastise everything for our own individual needs as oppose to act in unity as a society, as Malaysians.

It serves no purpose to blame Mahatharism or the state of the country, if we ourselves on our individual note cannot change and expand our thoughts beyond ourselves for the society that we live in.

Yes, of course we see sparkle of it in the form of Hindraf, Raja Petra, and the ultra vires elements that have mushroomed. But again, if we continue to question every action taken by them, by being a wooden spoon, it will be back to square one.

We know that governmental tools i.e. parliament, legislative, and judiciary are installed to protect us and not to abuse us yet, we accept and abide by it although it defies logic and common sense. We have seen a long gravy train of abuses and usurpation that infringes our right and yet we dance to the tune of the institution and voice our grouses to our shining knights without our own act to lend a hand to extend the hand for the cause of humanity that they hammer into our head.

Maybe we are dogmatic and brain-washed to certain concepts in life but if we continue to fail in our duty to provide new guards for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then we have no one to blame but ourselves due to our fear and intimidation cultivated for our own individual needs as oppose to a collective need for the unity of the society.

Let bygones be bygones. Let's act now in unity to create a Truly Malaysian community by our ACT and commitment towards what holds for the truth and reality in Bolehland Malaysia. Let's participate via our act rather than being an armchair critic. Start by talking to pro-active people, register to vote, and attend and participate in any gathering that voices the grievances of the public.

Let the truth be the truth for the society rather than a truth for your obeisance for your own individual need.

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