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KTM Komuter - is there light at end of tunnel?

I use the KTM Komuter daily to travel to work. Sad to say, the services are getting from bad to worse. Commuters are badly affected by the frequent delays and the slow-moving trains.

Sad to say, in this modern world and times, KTM has gone backwards.

Very badly backwards indeed that it now has to rely on diesel locomotives These trains are attached to the electric coaches to pull them along on their journey.

Yes, we have modern railway stations constructed but they are just a showpiece. The trains are damned old, slow and a total write-off.

This impact is being faced by us, the daily travellers. I, for one, am a frequent traveller from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to Batang Kali and I am really upset by all this havoc.

Trains are always delayed, never on time and they cannot cope with the passenger load.

Daily, there's a big hue and cry at the Kepong Sentral and Kepong stations as passengers try to squeeze into the packed trains that arrive from Rawang enroute to KL.

Passengers will be screaming at the top of their voices asking those inside the trains to move further inside.

How? How to move in when these trains are already packed like sardines. I pity those passengers at these stations as they hardly get a chance to board.

I travel on the 6.05am train from Rawang. The 6.25am train is most time ‘dibatalkan'. The next train at 6.45am from Rawang is already full at Rawang station itself.

So what about those waiting at the Sg Buloh (not so bad, they can still get onto the train) Kepong Sentral and Kepong stations?

The passengers are badly affected. Seeing is believing. Can the authorities and the transport ministry have a first-hand look at this mind-blowing situation? Please be at these stations to have a look at the harrowing situation.

Meanwhile, how long does this have to go on? Our government needs to step in. It looks like it doesn't want to focus on rail transport for weary commuters.

It's high time the present management of KTM let go of this monopoly and let others who are more capable to take over the running of this public transport and give quality service to commuters.

The people are suffering for at times are the trains' air-conditioning is not working properly. Travel from from KL Sentral to Rawang and one will come out of the train with a rosy and puffed up face.

At this rate, KTM cannot provide quality service to commuters. I hope the transport minister will find a solution to this never-ending woe and provide us with extra and new trains as the present fleet is a write-off and can be disposed off at once.

Lastly, we hope to see a light at the end of this tunnel.