No one is helping RPK

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Modified 17 Jun 2009, 9:29 am

The curse of humanity in Malaysia is for the individual's fear. I make this statement because the humanity within our multi-cultural society has been compromised and in the process, eroded our rights.

In life, there must be consistency no matter what difficulty or adversity we face as the truth is the substance of all morality. The truth is not available when fear is subservient to the truth and not vice versa.

Imagine, we have millions of visitors to Malaysia Today, yet not even 200 would appear for RPK's trial or his vigil. The trepidation that exists is only natural for you individually - having too much to lose.

What can I say? How do you or Malaysia expect a reform or change when the populace continues to only voice its frustration without any action as they constantly intimidated and fearful of a system that we ourselves had created?

Sure, nobody is asking you to forgo everything to be a martyr, but seriously, just looking at RPK and his predicament, it makes me wonder what have we seriously done to pressure the government?

I am not being cynical or judgmental, but we must realise that just giving money and material assistance alone will not suffice nor will brooding in the cyberworld. What would you do to enhance a lost cause for humanity?

When you are dealing with the truth, it is a one-way street no matter how ugly it is - you either deal with it and join the bandwagon or pursue your own individualism.

RPK maybe in Timbuktu for all it matters, but all his efforts should not be just a cyberworld thingy but how rather how can we collectively help this messiah for humanity instead of allowing allow our martyrs to suffer.

Yes, today we are all so knowledgeable yet the wisdom forsakes us because through fear we fail to understand the common destiny of Malaysia and this through our inaction. We need to make a fresh assessment of all that has been a source of both togetherness and tension for many centuries through deep-rooted cultural, ethno-linguistic and political ties.

There is a serious ideological gap in our society because everything seems prohibited and pre- determined individually through our inaction when it is a cause for humanity.

Let's ponder on this, is life a lone journey only for yourself or is it a journey that involves everyone around us? Let's see if our life is really a walk on glass or a walk on earth for what it is worth for humanity.

Frankly, do you people really understand what I am talking about? If you do, good for you.

If you don't, I hope God will help you to understand that it is not about you or your shortfalls, but of the society that we hope to create in our collective manner for a peaceful and a better Malaysia rather than a delusion of our own individual needs.

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