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Unity talks: Umno has nothing to lose

I refer to Malaysiakini report Shaky Pakatan told to make robust stand .

With the high echelon of the PAS leadership in favour of meeting their erstwhile rival, Umno, for unity talks, one can forgive their PKR and DAP partners for feeling that their political relationship with the Islamic party might suffer a permanent damage if PAS embraces Umno as their new political ally.

Thus the statement by Pakatan leaders to reject the idea of a ‘unity government’ with BN should be heeded by all especially by PAS who seems to walk on a different road from PKR and DAP. This road taken by PAS will destroy the opposition front’s dream of winning the federal government when the next elections are held.

Credit should be given to the PAS leadership who just after the March 8 general elections, had rejected Umno’s offer of menteri besar posts in Selangor and Perak if the party was willing to ditch its Pakatan partners. Why the change of heart now by certain PAS leaders is really mind- boggling for the public.

PAS is at a crossroads now and is split down the middle with 10 MPs from the party against having a dialogue with Umno. Past history has shown when the party is spilt, their top leadership tends to quarrel among themselves. The party will lose public support and lose their Malay Muslims votes .

A splinter party formed after that will only make PAS lose their home base like what happenned in Kelantan in 1978. Surely that period was a dark time in the party’s history and if the party leadership does not walk carefully, history will repeat itself and PAS might be the biggest loser in this political chess game.

With the impeding by-election coming in Manek Urai, Umno will have more than an even chance to wrest the seat from PAS which seems to be embroiled in a political crisis which can spilt the party into two opposing groups. How the tide had changed to Umno’s favour.

Umno has nothing to lose by having this so-called ‘unity talks’ with PAS as they want to forge a closer working relationship with the Islamic party under the name of Malay unity. After all if PAS joins BN like before, the ruling party will have their two-thirds majority again in Parliament.

Umno can offer the PAS president the converted post of deputy prime minister (2) as well as reserving several senior ministerial posts for PAS leaders if they manage to convince them to form a ‘unity government’.

But will PAS jump ship and ditch their Pakatan partners in the name of Malay unity is something to ponder upon by the public at large.

Malaysians voters who had voted for the opposition parties in the last polls in order for our country to be rid of corrupt and inefficient political leaders must feel very sad that PAS leaders seem receptive to the idea of working together with Umno.

Considering the fact that a lot of PAS MPs and state assembly persons had won their seats with the help of non-Malay voters, these same voters might punish PAS candidates at the next polls. Without their support, PAS candidates might not win at all.

PAS needs to decide now whether they want to leave their Pakatan partners or not. Think wisely if you still want to hold talks with your political rival as Umno has more to gain by working with PAS rather than the other way around.

A strong Umno does not need to talk with their political enemies but a weak Umno will be willing to talk with the Devil for their politcal survivals. Hopefully PAS will not fall into this trap of Umno aimed dividing their political opponents.