Are we in a reign of terror?

Frankly Xroy

Modified 17 Jul 2009, 11:14 am

Kugan died whilst in police custody, and if one dies whilst in the custody of the police then surely the IGP is to be held responsible for the actions of his men.

The police are still dragging their feet into the investigations, and till today, the culprits have not been brought to book.

It looks like the government will go to any length to protect their own and just prosecute any one who opposes them.

Now a young man in his prime, an ex-journalist, not even a member of parliament seems to have mysteriously fallen from the MACC’s office and died.

Dead men tell no tales, so a lot can be said about Teoh Beng Hock and it will difficult to unravel the truth behind the circumstances of the tragedy.

We are already hearing some absurd statements being made the authorities. Similar statements were made in the Kugan case. Something’s also not right in Teoh’s case.

Teo was only an aide to a Selangor exco member. If he was only a witness, why was he detained in the first place?

Why did he ask to rest in the pantry when he was to be married the next morning? He would have certainly wanted to go home to get ready for his big day.

It looks most unlikely that he took his own life. We need to know the facts behind the tragedy. But can we get at the truth? With the track record of the police, the MACC, the courts and the AG's Chambers, I think not.