Disappointing turnout at Kelana Jaya Stadium

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I refer to your ‘ Thousands throng stadium for Teoh ' report.

I was disappointed by the number of attendance at Stadium Kelana Jaya yesterday evening (July 19, 2009). I was expecting a larger crowd, perhaps, 30,000 instead of about 3,000 or so.

Najib made a comment from Saudi Arabia on the Malaysia-MU football friendly which attracted a crowd of more than 80,000 at Stadium Bukit Jalil.

But the 3,000 crowd in stadium Kelana Jaya, who gathered to pay their respects and send condolences to Teoh Beng Hock's family, did not draw a response.

Imagine a 100, 000 crowd in stadium Kelana Jaya. Wouldn't that be something - the Rakyat letting the powers that be know that enough is enough?

We cannot afford to be spiritless and expect that people like Anwar Ibrahim or Lim Kit Siang would continue do all the job for us.

Without the support of people like you and I, do you think AI or LKS could succeed? It is time for us to get out from our comfort zone and make our our presence felt.

Otherwise, we may reach a point of no return where people will be silenced not through the power of the media but through manipulation of the law and in Teoh's case, death!

You and I will be the guilty ones then.

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