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Bus accident - Malaysian lives are cheap

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Another express bus tragedy, 10 killed .

I am horrified to see and hear of yet another terrible and tragic traffic accident involving express buses causing the untimely death of ten innocent passengers. This year alone there have been so many major accidents involving the loss of many lives that I have lost count of them.

This one has claimed ten lives and it involved a double-decker passenger bus carrying 49 passengers and driven by a driver who admitted dozing off when the accident occurred.

It certainly looked like Malaysian lives are cheap indeed as we do not seem to learn from our past experiences.

Why have we always let out guard down so soon after the last equally shocking bus accident that happened just recently? Why has there been little or no follow-up on the investigations declared by the police after each accident happened?

It’s always the same old lamenting story. The authorities will make promises but take their time to follow through hoping that the victims’ horrible wounds and pain would diminish and disappear through time.

Unfortunately, Malaysians are too complacent and gullible and they treat road accidents as an act of God rather than the fault of some irresponsible person/s who should be severely punished by the law.

The authorities have also hopped on the wagon and take advantage of the people’s seemingly unconcerned attitude and apathy. It is high time that the transport ministry, the government as well as the police assume responsibility and admit that they have failed in curbing the frequent occurrence of tragic road accidents especially those involving passenger buses.

With such absolving, would you be able to convince yourselves that further and more important actions and decisions need to be made? The accidents are almost all invariably caused by human errors including negligence, an unfortunate misjudgment or the lapse of concentration of one person. These actions have caused the loss of ten other innocent lives. Shouldn’t this person be brought to court and be made to account for his serious mistake?

While the transport ministry tries to ponder on the causes of the accident, it appears the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB) is already dragging their feet over valid suggestions that the license of the bus company concerned should be revoked. Well, it looks like we will never learn.

Lastly, where’s the transport minister when his presence is sorely needed? Did he slip out of the country after hearing about this tragic accident? He is either in the hospital recuperating or out of the country.