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Express bus crash due to 'those responsible doing nothing'

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Express bus driver caught watching video . I saw your online video about the bus driver watching a video while driving and it's a real scandal. Especially after the tragic accident which killed 10 innocent people last weekend near Ipoh.

I'm French but I have lived in Malaysia for a year now, in Penang. I drive often on the highway between Kuala Lumpur and Penang and what I see is awful. The express buses are not supposed to go faster than 90km/h but most of them are always speeding above 120 km/h.

I respect the speed limit of 110 km/h but even then a lot of express busses overtake me very dangerously.

I don't to take a express bus anymore after a journey from Penang to KL when the bus driver was driving very dangerously, always above 120 km/h. And twice he overtook very dangerously.

There were babies and children on the bus, and I asked him politely to drive more safely. I don't know why, but he got very upset, he stopped the bus, got out and began to hit his hands against the windshield.

He kept on repeating ‘I can fight you’ and saying to my girlfriend in Malay: ‘I hope he is not your boyfriend, I will kill him’.

We got out of the bus and hitchhiked to KL.

I think these express bus drivers are very dangerous and they don't care for the lives of the commuters they have in their busses. They think that the highway between Penang and KL is a racetrack and this attitude is not only dangerous for the people they carry, but also for the other raod-users.

They should understand that being a bus driver is to be a professional and responsible driver and the most important factor is to drive their passengers in a very safe manner. And why do the police (who do a lot of speed control) never stop an express bus driver?

After seeing all these ‘officials’ saying that they are ‘sorry’ for the 10 people who died, it is like a big joke. Everybody know how the express bus drivers behave on the road but nobody takes any action against them.

So they are all responsible for doing nothing. How many innocent people will have to die on the road before they take ay action?

I think the government should open a real professional school for express bus drivers where they could learn about highway safety and how to be a ‘professional’ bus driver. And to become a bus driver they will have to follow the class and graduate with a ‘diploma’ specially for bus drivers.

They authorities should ask the bus companies to put a ‘black box recorder’ in each bus to allow the police to maintain a record of every driver for a period of six months to a year.

The should also monitor express bus drivers when on the road with more speed traps and observe them for dangerous behaviour when on the road (and they should have more video cameras along the highway).

An express bus driver caught for a traffic offence shouldn't be allowed to drive a bus anymore. This could be a deterrent for express bus drivers. The lives of bus commuters depend of them.

Someone should also convince the public to complain more when they are on a bus and the driver is going over the speed limit or is driving dangerously. Now, I prefer the train. KTM is very good, very comfortable, cheap and safe.