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Good luck to Tan Keng Liang of Gerakan

I refer to the Malaysiakini report 'No local elections': Gerakan, Pakatan tick off PM .

I realise what Tan Keng Liang of Gerakan has been doing these past few days. Actually, I was quite upset when I read about his call earlier asking only the Pakatan Rakyat states to hold local councils elections.

I thought, why not ask the Barisan Nasional states too? Then he made a tactical statement asking the prime minister to ‘reconsider to allow local government elections in the Pakatan states.

‘Let the people compare the administration of local councils in the states which adopted such elections with those states without them,’ he said.

I think he knows very well that he cannot ask the BN states to conduct local elections (as they will not listen to him). So why not start it off in the Pakatan states who are so willing to go for it?

By asking the federal government to allow Pakatan states to hold local council elections, the people will be able to compare the situation between the BN and Pakatan states. If the local elections are well-received in the Pakatan state, then the BN states would be forced to follow.

That's a smart politician and I don't find many these days. But again, I believe he is risking his political career in Gerakan for the sake of democracy.

Going against PM is not a wise idea for Gerakan leaders! So good luck to Tan Keng Liang of Gerakan.

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