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It is strange that Matthias Chang sat and dined with the very person who was responsible for the state of the  judiciary today and that person he dined with is none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

That very same judiciary as we all know had even some of their judgments written by lawyers who were interested parties in the cases.

A judge who was brave enough to attempt to expose this, was shut out and discredited and threatened, till the expose with the Lingam case recently and that too under the tenure of the fifth prime minister whom Chang, like his boss - the fourth prime minister - holds in scorn.

And yet in this letter of his , if indeed it is written by him he does not mention his boss' contribution to his present predicament, although it was all the work of Mahathir and him alone.

That Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could have been corrupt is not something I am arguing about, but  Chang has only come out publicly and begun soliciting help when he is assuming that he is a 'victim' of the system.

Many others were real victims of the tainted judiciary, one of them was my friend MGG Pillai who never lived to see his vindication - he died before the Lingam case. God rest his soul.

To Chang, all I can say is "you sow what you reap". By his indifference during the sacking of Salleh Abas, this so-called prominent and experienced lawyer decided that silence was bliss, so to him I'll say, "Matthias, you were party to making this bed so do not complain when you lie on it."

Nevertheless, I am not saying Chang is not entitled to a fair trial. He, just like any other citizen, is and this cannot be denied even though he is who he is.

However, Chang, pardon me when I say, "I am really glad you have become victim to the rotting Malaysian judiciary, it is a rare privilege to receive a letter to appeal on your behalf now that you have become "victim", but it let be known that your present predicament is the making of none other then Mahathir Mohamad, so if you planned at the initial stages of the trial to establish your background as being worth what you were suing for, I beg to differ. I quote you and comment;

"Bearing in mind that my claim was in defamation and malicious falsehood, it was incumbent on my counsels to lead evidence on my background as a barrister and an advocate for over 30 years and my service in government as political secretary to the fourth prime minister."

I don't think too much damage has been done considering the fact that you worked for the very man who corrupted the system.

Go ahead, get jailed and I'll not be sorry. Probably, and in all probability, judging you from the company you have kept so long, it will be least surprising if your arrogance landed you where you are.

On my part, I shall celebrate this great occasion, it is rare, very rare, extremely rare to see a judge pour so much scorn on a person who is so close to Mahathir. I think that was a brave judge.

In defence of Matthias Chang