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Is Zaid Ibrahim being made a scapegoat?

I, for one, think that Zaid should not stand for the Hulu Selangor by-election. Let me reason out why before you start commenting that I am a BN supporter or what not.

Look at the Bagan Pinang by election - from a majority of 2,333 in the 2008 general elections, Isa managed to swing 5,435 votes in his favour in the by-election. In Hulu Selangor, with a wafer- thin margin of 198 votes, there is not much PKR can manoeuver with.

Further, let’s look at what progress the PKR state government has brought to Hulu Selangor to influence the voters there. Zero. The deceased parliamentarian was not in a position due to his illness but the loser, G Palanivel has constantly been in touch with the grassroots in Hulu Selangor and made further inroads even if he was not the serving MP.

Palanivel is a politician; he knew and had the foresight and that is why he kept going back to Hulu Selangor to serve them. What have PKR or Pakatan Rakyat done?

I am not being pessimistic on PKR’s chances of retaining the seat. I’m only being practical on what has been done on the ground in Hulu Selangor to ensure the opposition wins rather than how we bloggers and commentators sit and comment without knowing about the Hulu Selangor voters’ predicaments.

Let’s forget about the race demographics in Hulu Selangor. Let’s look at the age demographics in Hulu Selangor. What you have are simple older folk in agricultural activities and who are more or less contented. The older generation; not the vibrant and firebrand youth who seek change.

Most of the youth have move on to urbanised locations seeking better pastures and it is their older folk that will make the call in Hulu Selangor.

Zaid Ibrahim may have his flaws but he is a decent man and an ideal candidate. But being a decent man alone won’t take you very far if you are not as politically savvy as some of your compatriots in PKR or even Pakatan for the matter.

I would love to have a Zaid Ibrahim as my MP but something is amiss with the PKR hierarchy in opting for him rather than a local boy. I just feel it that it is the ‘burial ground’ for Zaid Ibrahim politically under the current circumstances. This for being one of the few good men in the opposition.

Seriously, even if Pakatan loses this by-election, it would not cause the kind of dent as losing someone like Zaid ibrahim. Look at Husam Musa of PAS - an excellent Malaysian yet conveniently sidelined by PAS for his strong political will.

This are just my thoughts. We would not want to waste those few good men that we have as we have to go for the long haul ie, the coming 13 th general elections.

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