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The  trouble with you, BN, is that you have lost all understanding  of human nature and  have instead bought into Hitler’s belief that hate and terrorism and a superior race can rule the world.  

BN, you think if you dig deep into the nation’s coffers and plunder our treasure, it is human nature for us to forgive you and allow further ravaging of depleted resources.   

Umno, you think  that if  you hate those not of your  ilk, if you  terrorise with words and cow heads, you will get love and respect  in return.

And Umno, you think that  if you scream about being superior and about being given first-class treatment, the rakyat will  regard you as such and gladly give  you what you demand.


Hey, you don’t plant a bitter herb and expect an apple tree to spring forth. You don’t pour hot oil over your son and expect him to thank his daddy.  And when you put a frog or a toad  into a golden carriage, don’t expect it to  turn into a prince or a princess.

There is a law of cause and effect but you think you can defy that and live beyond the consequences. Wrong. Dead wrong.

One cannot emphasise enough this truth often quoted by the wise and discerning: ‘If you do the same thing over and over again but expect a different result, that’s insanity’.

So, think, BN: will continuous threats, hate-spewing, racism, illegal power-grabbing,  dismantling of institutions till their only function is obeisance to your whims and fancies bring a different result?  

Will having the police, judiciary, Election Commission, MACC etc, betray their oath of office bring more votes and a groundswell of support  for you?

If you think doing those things over and over again  will eventually bring you  the rakyat’s loyalty and overwhelming support, that’s insanity. There are lessons you need to learn:

Lesson 1: What you sow, you will reap – there is no other measure.  Even if it takes a lifetime,  that reaping will come to you.

If you don’t  love the rakyat, the rakyat will not  love you back. If you don’t serve the rakyat, the rakyat will  find another to serve them.

If you are unjust, injustice will in the end be heaped upon you – if not in public life, then in private.


If you preach hate, you will  get hate back and in larger measure –  and don’t be surprised if that hate comes not only from the rakyat but from your own flesh and blood.    

Lesson 2: The rakyat are smarter than you.   

For a time, these worked for you   – the scraps given at by-elections paid off, as did the large but ‘cheapo’ hampers, the empty promises of development, the hurried tarring of roads and repairing of drains, the money – rakyat’s money, mind you -  freely dished out to corrupt the desperate poor.

But they have  not worked all the time, have they? Phantom voters were found out so  more sophisticated ways had to be resorted to, to win through awful means. Every sly strategy exposed made way for yet  another. You  never  thought of giving up, never thought for once to do  the decent thing and go straight.

In the public sphere, it is said and believed – that when the phantom voters were found out, giving money covertly to  the constituents became the next step: ‘Here, take RM50, RM200, RM300  and vote for me’.

It is said Semangat 46 sympathisers sent back a strong message by taking RM46 and returning the remaining RM4 and BN lost in that constituency years ago.   

You  tried many a method over time and when those no longer brought in the total tally you desired, you threw decorum to the winds, BN. You blatantly sold yourself and there was no shame at all: ‘Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu’. That was the last straw.  

A disgusted Sibu decided enough was enough, and perhaps hoped you would somehow find a moral compass. Did you?


Lesson 3: Bear your bruises. You lost in Sibu. So bear it like a man. But what do you do? Whine, complain, threaten. The Chinese, you say,  didn’t vote for you. How dare they, you say?

Hullo, this is a democracy. We can vote for whomever we like. Put a monkey up for elections and we may well prefer the monkey to the human ‘frogs’ often fielded today.  

Sibu will not get the development it deserves? And why ever not? Is the treasury  money yours to withhold? Is justice never to come from your government?

Come to think of it, since Tsunami 8, have you been doing honest-to-goodness governing? No, you’ve wasted years given to you in acts that are shameful – grabbing Perak,  plotting to take over Kedah and  Selangor, covering up what has been uncovered, riding roughshod over peoples’ lives and hopes and  dreams, protecting murderers, spending like there is no tomorrow on things this nation does not need.


Your pathetic problem, BN, is that you do not know how to get out of the mess you created for yourself. You don’t realise you cannot demand respect. You cannot demand loyalty. You cannot demand that votes be given to you.

If you can’t feed and nurture and ensure a good life for the poor, whatever their ethnic origin, you can’t have a good life either. You’ll be plagued, as you are, by problems, by leakages  of money, by insubordination, back-stabbing and the loss of honour and reputation.  See what I mean by the sowing and reaping principle?

You think we don’t know the inside stories, the power tussles, the infighting.  We do.  We’re watching and, unlike you, we’re learning.  You don’t want to change. Well, we, the rakyat, have changed.  

You see, guns no longer  frighten us. Your water cannons cannot hurt us.  Your hate doesn’t hinder us. Your withholding of development that is ours by right does not impoverish us. And your keris wielded by depraved minds does not provoke us.

Why? Because we’ve taken your measure and we find you terribly wanting. You’ve failed because you do not know how to love a people and a nation. You’ve failed because you cannot take the bitter truth. You can’t accept the honest message so you’d rather kill the messenger.


You’ve failed because you  love your own darkness, your incorrect ways, your propensity to take what is the rakyat’s. We’re not fooled. Democracy died a long-drawn, writhing death ages ago.

We, the rakyat, know that it is ‘parti-cracy’ that rules today. What BN wants, BN gets.

But not for long. Do you know why? Because Sibu happened. Because Bersih happened.

Because Hindraf happened. Because many more good things will happen to make Malaysia stand tall again among the nations.  

The trouble with you, BN, is that you have always had a swollen pride that was without foundation. There is no humility in you for that fled the day you let your insane pursuit of riches rip out your own heart. No, you’ll never say ‘sorry’ to a people and a nation bereft of good governance.

You’ll  never repent because repentance means a 360-degree turnaround – which requires you to not only reform but also give back what you took from the rakyat. And that, I’m certain,  you’ll never be capable of  doing, BN. So prove me wrong.