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My attempts late last night and early this morning at describing the meaning of Gaza and the plight of its people have all ended with neither coherence or completion. Words fail.

I could find no mind or talent or technique equal to the task. So much needs to be done yet so little has been done for the people of Gaza.

The resolve isn't there and one favoured nation is allowed a free hand to do as it pleases without regard to any reasonable sense of proportion. There has been no semblance of fairness or justice.

The failure to address the needs of those who call the Gaza Strip home is a failure of the resolve of the international community to bring to book a belligerent military power in the Middle East.

You cannot be allowed to live and act unchecked as though you are alone in the neighbourhood. As though only you have the right to live and act.

As though you alone are entitled to make all the decisions. As though only you have the right of survival.

My attempts to write about this has ended with a mere whimper of a prayer: ‘Please God, overturn the effects of tragic wrongful history and let there be justice, peace and humanitarian aid for those who suffer so hopelessly'.

For the rest, dear readers, if you care at all, please invest time to read for yourself:

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