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Little Kitty: Najib did the right thing

There is often a complexity in the reasons for which men do things. Why did the prime minister

acquire the kitten ?

He has had cats before, he liked this one, so he bought it. He thought it would be a good public relations exercise. Perhaps it was both – albeit in mixed and unquantifiable proportions.

Whatever the reason, he has given a home for a caged kitten, which was waiting for a home and an owner. Despite all the mockery from opposition quarters, I don't think anyone seriously suggests Najib or his family will be cruel to the kitten. It has found a good home.


Meanwhile, opposition figures have been tweeting furiously about the ‘First Kitten’. Almost all of it has been snide, malicious and extremely ungracious. All sorts of politically suggestive mocking names have been proposed for the kitten.


I understand the very real and justifiable anger among the opposition against the BN government and its leaders. They have been unjust, oppressive and used all manner of disgraceful methods against civil society and the opposition.

But we surely must not allow this righteous and healthy indignation against an unfair state deteriorate into a kind of blind hatred against them.

As the great soul in the loincloth once said, ‘Hate the sin, love the sinner". Whatever he may be guilty of, Najib did a good thing in taking that little kitten in.