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Not only little Napoleons but little kingdoms too

These past weeks, Malaysians around the world have been introduced to the words ‘Little Napoleons’.

If you tried to Google the words, you will find that besides the historical wartime General Pierre G. Beauregard and the movies, the next few pieces of information about ‘Little Napoleons’ actually come from Malaysia media and there is even a YouTube video entitled ‘Little Napoleons’ rampages uploaded by a political party.

I am a little flattered by the country’s popularity for the obvious wrong basis. So we have the ‘Big Napoleons’, the small ones and now I like to introduce the other expression called ‘Little Kingdoms’.

Ever wonder when you go to a government agency, be it Tenaga Nasional, state Waterworks, Immigration Department, National Registration, Education Department or the Malaysia Airport office just to name a few, you find that the offices protocols are almost very similar in nature where most of the staff are audaciously impolite and non-communicable?

Well, one should not be startled. The ‘Little Napoleons’ have built ‘Little Kingdoms’ in these government agencies which not only is self regulated but their staff through generations have built a sense of solidarity that is resilient to outside forces. Like many ancient kingdoms, there are staff who do not hold on to the Napoleon’s cultures and are on self-exile.

These little Kingdoms which I had the privileges to visit as an Information Technology peasant (expert) were really remarkable as a hardcore entity. My acquaintance with these ‘Little Kingdoms’, sometimes staying on for one or two years, allowed me to comprehend the people within their mentalities, behaviours and fears. I shall say that if one were not careful, like the BTN brain destructive courses, you would be like them, ruled under the talons of the ‘Little Napoleons’.

Like others, there were customs and values within these sovereignties that the people had to adhere to. The ‘Little Napoleons’ used racial, religion and family values to ensnare the people into the circle of trust. Gradually over the decades, the followers had become overwhelmingly big and powerful that if one remained as an outsider, there is no chance of survival except to be transferred out of the ‘Little Kingdoms’. Even expert like us who gained entry into the ‘Little Kingdoms’ to work had to acclimatise to the food, the praying time, the working time and decision-making process within the ‘Little Kingdoms’ else we would not get the collaboration.

Thinking back, it was really hard in that surroundings and my heart goes to those who still living and breathing in the ‘Little Kingdoms’. The profundity of the beliefs engendered by these Kingdoms was so sweeping and detrimental that one will not survive another day outside the Kingdom. The people were so dependent of the ‘Little Kingdoms’ for their survival in their bodies as well as in their minds.

Back to reality, to save people inside, outside the ‘Little Kingdoms’ as well as the whole motherland, the monarchies or the ‘Little Napoleons’ must be deracinated and destroyed. However, the good people in the rest of the motherland will stumble upon the ‘Big Napoleons’ in the ruling Kingdom.

The good people need to gather strength, belief and intelligence to take on the ‘Little Kingdoms’ and ‘Big Kingdom’. We need to work with those within the Kingdoms to liberate these people from their incarceration. Not to forget we must call upon our brothers and sisters across all the six continents to return. Let’s utilise the people power to bring these ‘Napoleons’ to their knees and dismantle the Kingdoms.

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