Gulf spill: BP still fighting, still covering-up

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The recent forensic analyses by a Malaysian geo-hazards specialist BK Lim, have uncovered amazing details of cover-ups by BP in the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill is much worse than anyone can imagine. His analyses have unraveled the critical truths in BP’s gapping official storyline.

After reading his series of articles, I am now beginning to understand the many inconsistencies and illogical steps taken by BP in their recovery efforts to contain the oil spill. This must be the scam of the century.

Lim’s analyses of BP’s drilling records and official filings to the US regulatory body (Mineral Management Services) suggest BP’s blatant disregard for safety concerns of human lives and environment started even before the disastrous blowout event. One must wonder if other oil companies operating in other parts of the world are doing the same.

Lim’s previous article ‘The imminent threat of a BP-style disaster in our midst’ seems to suggest that we may also face similar BP-style oil spill threat in Asia and other parts of the world.

BP is duping the world right in front of their eyes using many movie production camera tricks. The Deepwater Horizon blowout on April 20 was so disastrous and uncontainable that it would probably bankrupt BP and trigger a worldwide financial meltdown for an already fragile world economy. BP had to quickly fool the US and world by capping the shallowest and least damaged well, Well A (approx 5000 ft deep), of the three drilled.

The largest and deepest well (>23,000 ft from sea level) is now acting like a large vertical conduit, draining the oil and gas out of one of the largest oil reservoirs, into the Gulf. The fact that the oil is spilling out at 5000ft depth makes it more disastrous to the world’s oceans. Already we are seeing the disastrous environmental effect around the world.

To keep the oil from surfacing, BP used millions of gallons of Corexit, which is harmful to both humans and the environment, to disperse and keep the oil underwater. BP is paying millions of dollars to keep these pictures, videos and information of BP’s destruction of the environment and marine life out of public knowledge.

Latest independent research surveys by the Woods Hole oceanographic institute (Whoi) has discovered a hydrocarbon plume/river 22 miles long, 1.2 miles wide and 650 feet high. It isn’t pure crude, of course; it’s more like a mix of oil and water. See Alexander Higgin's blog for more details.

I am writing this to alert the world that this disastrous oil spill is no longer US’s problem. If BP is allowed to continue its disastrous cover-ups any longer, pretty soon we may not have a habitable planet to call home anymore.

Please spread the message around. I am not an alarmist nor do not I blog for a living. But for the first time in my 65 years of my life on this planet, I am really scared for our immediate survival and how it will affect our children and grandchildren.

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