Of crooked roads and crooked people


Modified 12 Jan 2011, 11:54 am

Funny. On the way to JB from Singapore recently, I noticed that the road leading from Singapore Customs to Iskandar Immigration and Custom complex is now finally and properly aligned and ‘straight', the way it should be.

I have been anticipating this alignment for quite some time as the old way was crooked and winding, making the journey long and unpleasant.

The temporary winding road was a joke as to why Malaysia always built things ‘funny' and substandard like there was no proper planning.

Of course, no ‘straight' builders would want to build the roads leading out from the complex to nowhere - but because of our ‘crooked' concept, some roads leading to/from Singapore just ended nowhere.

Apparently, the builder had no choice on the road system, especially those from/to Singapore because instinct tells me that they designed it on the assumption that there would be a ‘crooked' bridge' halfway to rejoin the ‘straight' causeway.

An old, powerful and wise ‘crooked-man' insisted that there be a ‘crooked' bridge in JB by hook or by crook and even now, still maintains that a ‘crooked' bridge is best for Malaysia or JB.

The ‘crooked-wise-powerful-man' is a die-hard believer of ‘crooked-ness' and leads by example.

So apparently everything he carries out is based on his ‘crooked' principle and the writer believes this may be due to its ‘crooked' upbringing.

‘He even claimed to have an enlightenment during a visit to his old country (a place where he originally came from - probably visiting relatives), insisting that the people there do not complain about ‘crooked' bridges.

He claimed not to have seen it clearly because of the mist (beside memory, eyesight is failing too) but he felt elevated to know that there is one out there. He is still on a holy quest to spread his ‘crooked-ness' beliefs, as we speak.

Well whatever this ‘crooked-wise-powerful-old-man' did, he has caused JB or the government, a large sum of money, looking at how much work was needed to straighten the current road to properly align it the way it should. The money otherwise could have spent for the rakyat's welfare.

If only if the ‘crooked-wise-powerful-old-man' would see this world ‘straight'.

In any case, today, the journey to JB from Singapore is now a breeze.

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