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TBS: 1st class facility and 3rd world mentality

I wish to voice certain issues regarding the South Integrated Transport Terminal (TBS). I find that this issue needs to be addressed urgently. What experienced by me would definitely happen to other Malaysians and even tourists.

On January 23, when I was boarding the KTM to Rawang at approximately 7.45pm, a youngster blocked me from entering the train on purpose and another Indonesian guy at the back pick-pocketed me.

I shouted for help and gave chase but not even a single Malaysian was willing to lend a hand in catching that guy. I lost quite a large sum of money but managed to retrieve my wallet when he discarded it while running away. And apparently too there is a group of pick-pocketeers operating in that area.

What I'm so upset about is the mentality of our Malaysians. I went to ask the staff of TBS whether they have a police station in the building, but they claimed that they did not know.

However, when I was inside the building, I found a police base which is brand new, and the irony is, they do not have proper equipment because they claimed that they have just started. I made a police report with a lance corporal there regarding my loss but no immediate action was taken.

I'm very sure the criminal is still lurking around the station and might target others. According to the police officers there, they can only act within the new terminal and areas around KTM and LRT are not under their jurisdiction.


Once again there is a sense of irony when our Home Ministry and prime minister talk about upgrading the police force and placing more police officers around, but where are they when someone is in trouble?

Next, when I tried taking a taxi at the new TBS, I find they are overcharging passengers. They claimed that business was bad at the TBS and wanted to charge me an extra RM20 on top of the meter charge.

In short, a trip from the new terminal to the university would cost me about RM50? This is plainly ridiculous.

To make things worse, it seems there's plenty of confusion amongst passengers on whether the new terminal is fully operational.

Is this the government's so called efficiency? The project is more like a white elephant with first class infrastructure and third world mentality. I doubt they could maintain the Terminal. I'm also sure that there are others facing problems like me and even more to come unless our problems are being addressed directly with the authorities.

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