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Carpet seller takes on Raja Petra

I have invited the press to reiterate my innocence with regard to the PI Bala matter, a twisted agenda created by corrupt minds and a desperate and treacherous so-called political activist Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

The truth has already been proven and the so-called evidence displayed in the Malaysia Today is purely a pack of lies created by RPK in his desperation to seek media attention, as obviously he has run out of true stories when he ran away from Malaysia.

I ask the Malaysian public: Shouldn't all of us know the truth about RPK? This is what he was when he first started Malaysia Today:

(a) A blogger who exposed what was happening in the Malaysian political sphere with 60 percent true information and 40 percent spin.

(b) An individual who was well-regarded by those who knew him as wanting to awaken the Malaysian public about our country's politicians and their doings.

(c) An incorruptible nationalist with passion to support our country from getting too corrupted.

With exposé after exposé being fed to the public on the wrongdoings of the political elite both in the government and opposition, Malaysia Today under RPK became the most lethal and popular political blog in Malaysia.

It all changed suddenly one day when a very popular ‘chronicle' on an aspiring young politician vanished from Malaysia Today in 2007; all of us in the know realised that RPK, the incorruptible nationalist, has been ‘bought'!

Henceforth, even articles and comments which defamed or exposed certain prominent people who had the financial strength to pay RPK a tidy sum could get their articles and comments ‘vanished' from Malaysia Today at the right price.

Hell! Even I paid a mutual friend RM50,000 and gave one new Sony laptop to get my article ‘removed' from Malaysia Today when I met him. I believe that Malaysia Today knows that this is the truth and has witnessed these ‘happenings' over the last three years.

RPK has evolved from the nationalist blogger into a blackmailer who used the Internet to collect money and laptops from all those who feared him doing the next exposé on them. I too was one of his victims.

We all know KL is a small city and word goes around real fast. RPK, seeing that he had started to lose his credibility both with the business and political elite, decided to make his next move, not realising that, against all odds, he had chosen the wrong horse and stepped on the wrong toes all at the same time, by attacking not only our then DPM Najib Abdul Razak and his family but the entire key faction of the BN government.

Hoping that being thrown in under the ISA would make the public rise against the government, he was deeply disappointed when the public chose to remain silent, knowing very well that both RPK and Malaysia Today were no longer a nationalist neutral website protecting the common man against corruption but, in actual fact, just as corrupt if not worse for blackmailing the business and political community to pay up or risk being exposed.

It is true that Malaysians have strong sentiments but we are neither stupid nor unaware and shady opportunists like RPK will not and do not deserve our true support.

When RPK was released, he made the cowardly decision to leave Malaysia and this he did in a ‘hurry', leaving like a thief in the dark, finally emerging in London a few months, later, puffing a cigar and pretending to be ‘god's' messenger to ‘rescue' Malaysia.

For a while RPK seemed to lean towards the opposition but knowing that his financial numbers were dwindling he decided to go for a three-prong strategy to get his financial act together and at the same time serve his egocentric appetite to be the savior of our great nation.

First and foremost, he located the newest Young Turk in town with political links who had spare cash to burn; he zoomed on a friend of Paris Hilton and after exposing a few nice photos of them dancing and drinking champagne, he came up with a great story with made our young friend cough up his family's hard-earned savings to make the whole story vanish.

This was done English style, of course, where the photos and article in Malaysia Today suddenly disappeared and were replaced by someone who was claimed to be the brother of the Young Turk. Even the article in Malaysia Today was changed, suddenly referring to the brother.

Such ‘utter confusion' is very suspicious, don't you agree? Anyway, for the right amount, anything is possible for RPK, correct? If I am not mistaken, £1 million were paid!

Having pocketed a few big bucks, at the right time too, as the wife is not well, RPK then galloped towards his next project, MCLM (Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement), when he officially transformed himself from a webmaster/chief editor of the so-called neutral online media into a full-fledged blue-blooded ‘political activist'.

Over the last few months, RPK has been trying to drum up support for his MCLM but after running away from Malaysia, he has lost touch with Malaysian politics and the sentiments of the public. Yes, we all want change but not by believing corrupt, blackmailers who play ‘god' in front of us. Even the MCLM website survey confirms that MCLM is ‘an indirect way of promoting the political agenda of a particular party' with 91 percent of the visitors to the website confirming this fact.

I believe all Malaysians want change that does not create chaos or is full of lies and slander. I believe true change will evolve with ethical governance and continuous crackdown on corruption and abuse of power, true change will happen when we hold our beloved nation's pride and integrity above all and prove that we all stay in harmony... where compromise and self dignity is the order of the day not slander, lies and abusive dirty language that RPK professes.

The third strategy is to woo the international press and governments to believe that the Malaysian political system is not democratic and similar to that of Egypt or Libya. For that matter, the approach taken is actually quite ingenious and financially profitable as this recently evolved ‘political activist' RPK has devised a master plan that involves funds, not only on a single front but multi-fronts including foreign opposition parties and foreign NGOs.

He is condemning the Malays and Islam in his articles, at the same advocating that the democratic system in Malaysia is not functioning. RPK is trying his best not to allow funds, business other investors from the UK, Europe, Australia and even Thailand to invest in Malaysia, just because this coward can't come home to Malaysia. He is spiteful enough to discourage Malaysia as a tourist and investment destination.

What a traitor. In his latest act of betrayal RPK in an interview with the Australian media said: "I intend to shame, embarrass and pressure the Malaysian government to allow Australia MPs as observers during the general election."

Comparing the situation with Uganda and Libya, RPK also mentioned that he wishes to incite riots in Malaysia as he wants to win, no matter how.

Allow me to sum up RPK to all Malaysia. Of course, this is purely my view and is based on my analysis of this traitor.

a) RPK is definitely a traitor. Who else would condemn his own country by arranging protests and press conferences running down their own motherland? My advice to RPK is to read our history books, we were colonised not once but three times over the centuries by traitors like you to foreign interests.

b) RPK is an egocentric old man going towards being senile and most probably a lunatic old man who thinks the world of himself. My advice to RPK is to first look at your reflection in the mirror, realise the damage you have done to our nation and bertaubatlah, (repent) may the curse of our motherland not affect your generations to come.

c) RPK is very corrupt and money crazy. Every article, press conference, comment in his blog is paid for to be viewed or deleted. RPK (has) realised that everyone knows the truth. Why do think Malaysia Today is no longer popular and you have to start MCLM to earn your bread, whatever it is? My wish is that you stop condemning our beloved country and play your politics without blemishing your race and religion.

Finally, I hope that the ‘almighty' will bless you as I know that no true Malaysian, be it Muslim, Christian or Hindu will. Your international escapades will not only affect our ability to conduct business internationally but will also ridicule our image as tourists and travellers the world over.

Bertaubatlah my fellow Malaysian, for all our sakes.

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