What have Christians gained from Najib meet?


Modified 16 May 2011, 7:44 am

Last Thursday the Christian chiefs met with Najib over the false report published by Utusan Malaysia based on blogs by MarahKu and BigDog .   

However, in that meeting, instead of assuring the Christians that this matter will be dealt with seriously due to the frequency of this 'crime' by Utusan , Najib emerged a hero when the Christian chiefs decided to make two pledges to him. Many writers and own my fears were confirmed.   

The fallacy that Islam and the Malay Muslims are always being threatened by non-Malays must stop immediately! This fallacy has been done to death by none other than Umno themselves and their sponsored agents like Utusan , Perkasa, Pembela, Umno Youth and many others. What will it take for Umno to see this is going nowhere? Like I have written before, scaremongering does not work anymore.   

Yesterday, Ibrahim Ali again made a clearly seditious remark when he challenged the Christians again by threatening the spillage of blood of the non-Malays. When will the Malaysian government, the PDRM and the home minister take action against this madman? We, the non-Malays demand to know and will not tolerate this kind of threat anymore, especially when we have done nothing wrong.   

Groups like Perkasa, Pembela and even Umno ministers have always portrayed the non-Malays as bogeymen to scare the Malays. Wake up! You Malays control more than 70 percent of everything, what more do you want?

We have never questioned when our share of the economic pie was taken away. We have never ever questioned Islam as the official religion in Malaysia. Our forefathers have paid with their lives when Malaysia was fighting for its independence and during the Emergency. Now, Perkasa, you threaten to spill our blood?   

If Najib, the home minister and PDRM indeed do not take any action on this matter, I can foresee that someone’s over-zealousness will cause bloodshed and it will not be the non-Malays. This is what you have intended all this while, right Najib?

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