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My rides to the airport and back have always been entertained by taxi drivers. I am told that taxi drivers have the latest in terms of how the people on the street are feeling politically since they literally are on the street.

Recently, in the wee hours of the morning I had the pleasure of being in the taxi of a Chinese man who has driven taxis for almost 20 years.

He is a lifetime member of MCA but unashamedly tells me that he votes for Pakatan Rakyat. He tells me that MCA is finished and the ground has shifted even further away from MCA since 2008.

He says this with confidence having looked at some reports and done his own analysis with his kopitiam friends no doubt.

On my return I sat in the taxi of a young Malay gentleman who just returned from driving his last client to Kuantan. This of course made me all the more anxious to ensure he kept talking, so began my tirade of questions into the political situation of Malaysia.

He says as a Malay he's ashamed of the way another Malay man is attacked with outrageous charges of sodomy and adultery.

When the video supposedly of Anwar came out, he made up his mind: Enough is enough. Very shameful, he adds again.

I was glad to hear that a young lad, who works hard to make a decent living in Kuala Lumpur, was not influenced by gutter politics.

I suspect many people of all races are quite fed up of allegation after allegation of a sexual nature.

The infamous video showing a man that looks nothing like Anwar reveals the desperate nature of the ruling elite to silence Anwar and the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

This latest video also casts in stone the doubt surrounding the sodomy charges against Anwar as well. It's all a concerted effort by some political foes to end Anwar Ibrahim's new politics which threatens the ruling coalition's race-based politics.

The only good thing about all this is that by continuing these base attacks of such an obscene nature, the rakyat is going to lash out fiercely against the ruling government in the next general election.

The bad thing is that our children and more innocent segments of society become victims of these horrid political attacks.

Also because we live in the digital age, news of such absurdity becomes entertainment in international arena and prints.

All I can say now as a father and ordinary wage earner of the Malaysian public; enough is enough of this obscenity.

No longer can I buy newspapers without having to explain sodomy to a 10-year-old or watch TV3 news without explaining why they are showing a naked man on national news.

Keep the political warrings out of the public eye or else you will receive a lashing greater than that of 2008.