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Thuggery unbecoming of a senator, Ezam

I am shocked that it has come to this ( Senator Ezam threatens to 'burn down' news portals ). That individuals who are educated and who hold political office cannot debate, discuss in a competent, professional, dedicated and moderate manner on any issues!

Is it the culture now in Malaysia to issue threats, scream seditious utterances and in this case a threat to burn down private buildings housing news portals?

What is the message we are giving the international community by this act?

The threat was made by a senator, from the ruling party, not a political moron or idiot suffering from some neurological disorder. Is this going to be the Malaysian way to address national issues every time a scandal or fiasco is unearthed?

To address them with threats, seditious utterances, criminal intimidation, and to burn effigies and portraits of political foes and opponents at each and every political discourse?

I am sure these threats issued in the manner they have appeared, first in Penang a month or so ago, and again, today shockingly, in the month of Ramadan and after Friday prayers, when it is a religious month whence one reflects, pauses, fasts, prays, do all such good works, initiates reconciliation between man and man and man and the Almighty!

I am certain there is nothing in there that mentions about uttering seditious statements, threats, even criminal intimidation and damage to property in this case initiating a fire on a property housing two news portals that have being extremely popular domestically and respected internationally on an allegation that is unfounded and wild.

How is Malaysia going to attract foreign direct investments, investors and international tourists if these forms of increased religious bigotry, racism, arrogance and thuggery becomes our way of life!

Now we have racist NGO’s playing vigilant roles on public and private morality and values and at times forcing down their tunnel vision racist philosophies on others.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and the entire Barisan Nasional team, is this the way to address issues in Malaysia? Is this Umno senator above the law?

By his behaviour he has smeared the image of all senators who are expected to uphold the law not break it no matter what he allegations or issues are.

Malaysia is not a banana republic. We have laws in Malaysia, we have public institutions, we have the police and legislation to address issues not mob justice and rule.

I cannot but fear for the future.


Jacob George is president of Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam, Selangor (CASSA).

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