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1Malaysia stores a case of unfair competition?

I have has some concern on the 1Malaysia chain stores project.

I am shocked to find out that 1Malaysia stores can offer a retailing prices 40 percent cheaper than the normal stores.  The government owes the business community an explain on how these 1Malaysia stores can afford to offer such incredibly low prices.

I am not convinced that the sources of supply has given 1Malaysia stores such an advantage.

Could it be from the public funds in the form of subsidies that have given 1Malaysia stores this competitive advantage? If that is the case, then the 1Malaysia store concept is basically to destroy others and allowing a favoured few to flourish using the rakyat’s money. This is very unethical.

The government of the day is supposed to protect and safeguard the interests of the people including the private business sector. With its hand in the 1Malaysia stores the government has directly involved itself as a player in the market.

The BN government (1Malaysia stores) will compete with the private sector and this is not healthy for the economy.

Eventually, with its political advantage, 1Malaysia stores will monopolise the market causing imbalances in the economy and many of the big chain stores and smaller players will close down their businesses.

The BN government must come clean with 1Malaysia stores. This is not helping the people and Malaysia economy in the long run.

Junz Wong, DAP Sabah state assistant secretary.