Ridhuan Tee creating unrest and tension

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Gerakan National Youth deputy chief Oh Tong Keong today criticised the comments made by Ridhuan Tee in Utusan Malaysia on the recent 325 rally organised by Dong Zong and is also ashamed by the remarks made by him.

Oh cannot believe that Ridhuan Tee would relate the Tian An Men incident which took place in China in 1989 with the 325 rally and believes that Ridhuan is obviously unclear about the objective and purpose of the 325 rally.

Oh who is also the Gerakan Penang Youth Chief said, "Ridhuan should not be prejudiced towards the Chinese community and equate Dong Zong's effort to strive for equality in Chinese education system as communistic behavior.

"In fact, he should try to understand better why the Chinese community is so passionate about Chinese education as well as the history of the Chinese education and its struggle in Malaysia. Before he is sure of the real root cause of the 325 rally, whatever accusations he made are purely baseless and unfounded.

"Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had announced the abolishment of ISA last year on Malaysia Day and yet Ridhuan still thinks that the government may and should detain the protestors by using the ISA, this only shows how he is trying to create unrest and tension in the society."

Oh said that the remark made by Ridhuan that the government should give up on Chinese votes because no matter what the government does, they will not be able to regain the support from the Chinese community is an utter insult not only towards the government but also towards the Chinese.

He reminded Ridhuan that whatever the government does for the people is based on the principle of "People First" and he should stop making baseless allegations of other people with his distorted point of view.

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