Police, DBKL behaving like colonial masters

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We are not allowed to occupy Dataran Merdeka? Is not Dataran Merdeka a public square built by the people for the people of Malaysia?   

We allow foreigners to come to take photographs of our tallest flagpole and of the beautiful architecture around the Dataran, but when the people of Malaysia desire to stage a sit-down gathering, KL City Council (DBKL) and the government of Malaysia say it is not possible.  

I suggest that the home minister and the PDRM or IGP come down personally to see the rakyat who will be present at Bersih 3.0. They have been and will truly be a representative of the various races and religions in Malaysia.  

The true 1Malaysia will come to Dataran Merdeka on April 28. If the prime minister wants to see who are the true 1Malaysians, then he should come to Dataran Merdeka this Saturday.


I liken the statements by the police not to occupy Dataran Merdeka to the actions of a colonial master occupying a country. A large portion of the rakyat have requested through the Bersih committee to be able to sit-in at Dataran Merdeka on Saturday.  

Why then should there be any form of denial from the police or the city council? Dataran does not belong to them. They are merely caretakers of that piece of property. I hope they remember this before it is too late.


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