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If Najib doesn't welcome LGBT, let's vote him out

Najib’s hurtful statements against the lesbians, gays, bisexual and transsexual ('LGBT') community by stating there is no place in Malaysia for LGBTs is like a knife stabbing right through our hearts.

Najib flimsily backs up his argument by mentioning religion. There has also been references to a narrow interpretation of the meaning of gender in the federal constitution and so he concludes that LGBTs do not deserve any protection, thus have no human rights. So much for the 1Malaysia which remains just a slogan.

I am also so sick and tired of hearing people dressed in religious attire proclaiming to be most religious to the extent to be implying of being messengers of god, and in the name of god condemn LGBT community as sinners worthy of fire and brimstone.

It makes me think that these messengers of god playing politics in the pretence of being such holy beings are really just lunatics who hear imaginary voices in their head.

It is time the LGBT community strikes back hard to teach those homophobic people where it hurts them most.

One way is to organise a demonstration and march down the streets demanding equal rights for LGBTs, in which the end result would be facing police brutality.

Or I could take the initiative and proclaim myself to be the second Jesus Christ to make silly statements that I hear messages from the god or gods stating this and that, including that god is in the image of LGBT.

Since I can write, maybe I could author a completely new religious book. This would no doubt get me a permanent residency in a mental institution with the keys thrown away for good.

But maybe there is another workable way. I would call this the 1LGBT way.

You see, the popular statistics state that approximately 10 percent of every society consists of LGBTs. Now assuming that another 10 percent non-LGBT people are sympathisers of the LGBT community, imagine if, working together, members of both 10 percent groups reach out and educate just one other person each to fight for our cause.

This gives just 40 percent of voting power to vote for LGBTs or their sympathisers as members of parliament.

And what better time to do it as the 13th general election is round the corner.

Pushing it a little further, it is not a far-fetched idea if we LGBTs overthrow the current government and any government that has little regard to the LGBT community. The new government then forms parliament consisting of the members of parliament who are LGBTs and LGBT sympathisers. Certainly this would be most colourful.

Although 40 percent voting power when translated to 40 percent of the total members of parliament will be a weak government, it would be a strong message to deliver to those thick skulls who still think that condemning the LGBT community is the holy war that must be waged.

Not forgetting that the 40 percent if achievable will be a credible third force to check rampant discrimination against LGBT society.

Once upon a time, this was just a dream. Now it can be a reality. So in the coming 13th general election, let us, LGBT and LGBT sympathisers, work together to educate and campaign for just one more person to be on our side to form a big third force to force out the current government or any government who does not recognise the LGBT society.

It would also be nice to elect a capable non-corrupt individual as prime minister who is either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual regardless of race. Now that is what I would call 1Malaysia.

He/she would repeal some discriminatory and outdated laws, like doing away with Section 377A on oral sex and 377B of the Penal Code on male anal sex, without any replacement of similar oppressive laws. Then introduce additional laws that make it a crime to discriminate, ridicule and condemn any LGBT.

My oh my, the list of reforms can go on and on with a LGBT prime minister with a LGBT cabinet, but I think the message is clear.