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Overrun by criminals in high and low places

I am of the tragic but true opinion that Malaysia is overrun by a group of criminals - that is why crime is on the increase.

There must be a network of criminals working together with some powerful people, otherwise how come the police cannot catch all those crooks?

It is a blatant lie to claim crime has been reduced by a whopping 26 percent when day in and day out we read of some crime being committed somewhere in the country.

And now some idiot is trying to hypothesise that the ending of the Emergency Ordinance is the cause of the increase in crime.

They cannot make up their minds and their ideas are self-contradictory.

If crime is on the decrease then why say the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance has resulted in more crime?

This is the result of trying to lie too often.

Many crimes go unreported.

There have been allegations that a top police officer was in cahoots with criminals not long ago and it is not unknown for police to collude with criminals to make money on the side.

Who can say such corruption is not taking place today?

Top politicians are among the criminals and some have been charged and convicted while others are still basking in the glory of their ill-gotten gains and boast of a string of overseas properties that even some of the country's serious full time developers cannot match.

Yet nothing is done by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to nab those criminals in high office.

No wonder everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to be a politician so that they can be criminals with political impunity.

Good citizens like Irene Fernandez and others are charged with spurious crimes when the real criminals, many in politics and enjoying political impunity, carry on with their crimes.

When the criminals are in high office then the other low-life criminals will feel bold to rob and rape and kill because they know they can get away with it.

They know that they can bribe their way out of trouble.

When low-life and high-life criminals work together then crime must surely rise.

You see crime will not decrease if the police are not serious about catching the criminals.

You wonder how they can do their jobs properly when so many policemen and policewomen are seen accompanying the VVIP's everywhere they go.

Where is the time and chance for the police when you are always acting as the bodyguards of the VVIP's who are so afraid of the people that they need so many policemen to protect them everywhere they go?

Should not the police be where our aunty and uncle need to be protected from the criminals waiting to pounce on them in the streets and shopping car parks?

Why would criminals be afraid or feel shameful when they only need to look at the politicians, including the Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is alleged to be linked to the murder of a Mongolian woman.

Monkey see monkey do, eh?

Why would the criminals be afraid when they are employed to beat up and intimidate members of the public who speak out and publicise the scams of the politicians?

Wong Chin Huat, N Surendran, Ong Kian Ming, ‘Hang' Ambiga are among the list of victims of the political criminals.

Ong praised the police for their quick action - response time five minutes, Ong says - but I wonder if they were already on standby. Not a crime to wonder, I hope.

Let me say it loud and clear.

Prime Minister Najib is the reason why crime is on the increase. He has failed to protect the people.

The police have failed to protect the people. Dr Mahathir Mohamad is to blame also for demoralising the police by calling the country a police state, but run by criminals.

The PM does nothing about the hooligans who cause trouble in Penang.

He does nothing about the racist remarks of the extremists, he does nothing about the dirty videos corrupting Malaysian minds.

He does nothing about the thugs busting up democratic events like the anti-Lynas protests and he does nothing to stop crime because he hopes that when the people are worried about crime, they will not pay attention to his bad government.

Everything that is going wrong can be traced to Mahathir's government and even today we still see Mahathir causing trouble for the country by making silly statements about anything, even his own daughter, and still bullying the timid Pak Lah.

Wake up, Malaysians, before your country goes to the dogs. How much more will you take sitting down before you become a victim of high-life and low-life crime and have no life left?

I am so sick of those criminals in high office I cannot wait to vote them out of office.

Clean out all the 'crime-bastards' who have turned our country into their hunting ground and save Malaysia.