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TM: Not our intention to shortchange customers

We refer to the article published by MalaysiaKini titled ‘Steamed up over UniFi-Streamyx double billing’ and the press release issued by Gerakan Youth deputy secretary-general dated Oct 12, 2012, with regard to the termination of Streamyx package upon upgrading the service to TM UniFi high speed broadband.

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) would like to acknowledge the feedback from the complainants and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

TM wishes to assure all our customers that it is never our intention to shortchange our customers who have upgraded their package subscription from Streamyx to UniFi. In circumstances where the billing disputes are genuine, we will certainly honour reimbursement of any extra charges in the customers’ bills.

TM would also like to clarify that we do not automatically terminate the customers’ accounts as there are cases where customers wish to retain their existing telephone numbers and Streamyx connection.

Based on our standard operations procedure (SOP), the processor of the account registration, be it our Contact Centre agents, Tmpoint representatives or reseller partners are required to enquire and confirm with the customers on their intention whether to maintain or discontinue their existing TM Phone and Streamyx service subscription during the upgrading of their Streamyx packages to UniFi by providing the following options:

i) To maintain TM Phone subscription and terminate Streamyx subscription

ii) To maintain both TM Phone and Streamyx subscriptions

iii) To terminate both TM Phone and Streamyx subscriptions

The process was designed to cater for all possible types of requests by customers with the intention to be more customer-friendly and this should be determined during the registration process.

We are certainly dismayed to learn of such customer experience as highlighted in the article and are taking immediate action to retrain our sales agents in order to ensure that they are well-informed on the account termination processes whilst mitigating such incidents from recurring.

We are currently investigating on the instances highlighted in the article and will be in touch with the complainants to rectify their issues. We wish to assure customers that once the matter is resolved, we will take the necessary actions guided by the findings. If it is discovered that the point of failure stems from a glitch on our side, we will proceed to process rebates for any extra fees charged to their accounts which will then be reflected in their upcoming bill.

Meanwhile, we would also like to advise customers who have any billing disputes or bill related enquiries to contact us at 100 for TM Fixed Line or Streamyx bills or at 1-300-88-1221 for UniFi bills. Customers can also walk in to the nearest TMpoint outlet or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] .

Once again, please accept our apologies for the inconveniences caused and we hope that this in no way will deter the customers from continuing to enjoy the enhanced broadband experience of UniFi.