Caves temple committee actions unbecoming

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I refer to the recent protest by the Batu Caves Sri Subramaniar temple committee members with regard to the 29-storey condominium building project close to its premises.

Like many others I am equally puzzled as to how on earth the temple committee had kept quiet all these years, and suddenly are now beating their chests in protest over the planned condo project .

I had an opportunity to speak to several Hindu devotees recently about the matter and practically all of them could not stomach what the temple president has been claiming - that he is not aware of the planned condo.

Those who hold key positions in temple committees should avoid being seen to confuse and create unnecessary tension among the public especially among the devotees with their  actions. The temple committee should have ideally approached the state authorities and worked out an amicable solution to the matter instead of creating a drama.

It is unbecoming to stage a loud protest on the temple grounds as it is supposed to be a place of worship. Protest involving hundreds of people are events that arouse negative vibes in the temple grounds and this is definitely not in line with the Vedic teachings.

The sanctity of the temple grounds should be respected at all times and circumstances. It is sad to note that the temple committee in its overzealousness in highlighting the condo project has breached the sacred code of conduct.

The Thaipusam festival is around the corner and I hope the temple committee does not aggravate the situation further to the point of creating unnecessary anxiety and stress among the public especially the Hindu devotees.

Since the state government has already formed a special committee to look into the condo project issue, let’s hope and pray everything turns out well. It is unwise for anyone to politicise this issue further.

The Batu Caves Sri Subramaniar temple is renowned the world over for the hundreds of colourful kavadi bearers during Thaipusam. Please don’t turn it into a ground for protesters and placard holders.

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