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My name is NK Khoo, (blog @ www.nkkhoo.com ), I am not a paid supporter for Lynas. I am only a person who support facts and logical thinking.

I have appealed for a long time to any anti-Lynas group to buy me a terrace house next to Lynas plant for me to stay there as a guinea pig to prove my belief that the Lynas plant is safe for human beings.

As a neutral person on Lynas issue, I have opened a column for Dr HW Looi in my blog to debate and rebut any concerns on his viewpoints.

Anti-Lynas advocators have always avoided answering and rebutting the seven questions below from a Lynas scientist.

This critical information is being hidden from ‘aunties' and ‘uncles' who cannot read and understand English and the subject of radioactivity.

1. Radiation from the plant will be undetectable outside the boundaries of the plant.

2. None of the materials have to be signposted as ‘radioactive' for transport - as per international regulations, since 1996.

3. In accordance with international guidelines, the plant can be allowed to operate pretty much anywhere in the world with minimal regulation.

4. Vast majority of tailings will have only half of thorium that is in normal Malaysian soil.

5. Thorium in other waste is insoluble and cannot ‘poison' any plants, animals or the environment - even in theory.

6. Blending of tailings follows the basic safety principles of World Health Organisation, International Labour Organisation and seven more UN and other reputable international organization. Guidelines on this exist in many countries.

7. Maximum dose to workers is not expected to be more that ~ 25 percent of the limit, therefore - in accordance with international guidelines - personal monitoring is not even necessary; the doses are so low that they can be assessed for a work group, no need for individual assessments.

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