Where's the CAT in DAP?

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Even before Pakatan Rakyat-DAP can taste federal power, there are already signs of greedy and selfish power struggles and sabotages within the DAP leadership.

In the DAP, the secretary-general, wields supreme power. And he is Lim Guan Eng who also happens to be the current Penang Chief minister of the Pakatan-DAP led state government.

Much has been touted by Guan Eng about his CAT (competency, accountability, transparency) policy in governing the state.

That is well and good. But what’s happening to your party leadership? Anti-CAT?

It is an open secret that for decades, the maverick lawyer-turned politician Teng Chang Khim in Selangor is no ‘yes man’.

This has irked the Lims and Singhs who have dominated the DAP federal leadership for umpteen years. They have been trying to sideline Teng and cut short his political career, but what do they say - a good man is not easy to topple.

Now that there is tremendous potential for the Lims and Singhs to taste governing a nation, their true greedy and selfish colours start to surface in public. No doubt the majority of Malaysians may want change and the realisation of a two-party system.

But, if the DAP and its Lims and Singhs don’t start showing what they preach in CAT, I dare say it will be a one-term Pakatan federal government for Malaysia.

After 55 years of tolerating the super corrupt racist Umno-led BN government, the rakyat (people) seemingly is in the mood for ABU, the acronym for Anything But Umno. But, that will not last if the DAP continues to behave the way they are now - cakap tak serupa bikin  (doing not what you say).

And, don’t even think of removing Teng without facing the consequences that could befall Selangor in the next general election.

I believe Teng is one of the few maverick politicians in Malaysia who has the stature, integrity and confidence of Malaysians to win as an independent to provide the much needed checks-and-balances for any mandated government.

I have always rubbished the relevance of a third force in Malaysian politics. I am beginning to have doubts now. I, for one, also believe what Teng has been saying in public of late.

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