Praise for SDMC's handling of 'religious images'

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Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya experienced an unexpected phenomenon recently when two prominant window panes in its new wing attracted the attention of Malaysians.

They came not only from the vicinity of the township but from far and wide as well.

The Catholics who witnessed the 'apparitions' recognised them to be the images of Mary of the Immaculate Conception in one and the Divine Mercy of Jesus in the other.

The Catholic Church has however not endorsed any of the claims. In cases like these, the Church investigates thoroughly the authencity of these 'apparitions.'

Credit must be given to the Church authorities and administration of SDMC for the speedy and amicable solution to the issue.

The staff and management of the centre were gracious in accomodating the intrusion of very healthy visitors to the hospital daily to witness for themselves the phenomenon.

This has inevitably been an inconvenience to the regular hospital routine. The decision is to donate the two panels to the Catholic Church for safe keeping.

It is sad to note that unkind and derogatory remarks have been passed by many about the apparitions. These are unnecessary and disruptive to inter religious unity and understanding in Malaysia.

Faith is something personal and the prerogative of the believer to believe in what he wants to believe.

More respect should be accorded to the beliefs and practices of others in a multi racial and religious community.

Whether the apparitions are real or not, the unity and harmony of those witnessing the event were real.

There were strangers of all races sharing pictures of the panels captured on their iPads, iPhones or sophistacated as well as simple cameras.

Binoculors were shared generously for a closer view. Email addresses and contacts were also exchanged.

There were pockets of prayer groups praying and singing in various languages, English, Mandarin, Tamil and even Burmese! In faith, a sense of brotherhood prevailed. That in itself was a 'miracle.'

Amidst the excitement and joy prevalent, and after the dust has settled, it is important to individually ask ourselves whether we have experienced any transformation in our lives for the better, as a result of this experience.

Has our private and public prayer life been changed or affected in any way? That is the true test and miracle in this 'happening'.

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