Gender segregation for haircuts a step backwards

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PAS's ruling on gender-segregation guidelines that forbid women to cut the hair of men and vice versa is certainly an outdated practice and makes little common sense.

Where would all the non-Muslim men get their haircut then as many of the hair saloons there may employ women?

State exco member Takiyuddin Hassan's statement that hair saloons are a "hotbed for immoral activities" goes to show how shallow is his presumption of how adults behave, that we would behave as sex deviants by getting a hairdressing services from a hair salon operators from the opposite sex? We wonder if your party is fishing for votes with your policies.

Enough with all these religious rhetoric. If PAS is indeed a party for the people then why implement hudud law policies on non-Muslims as well?

The people of Kelantan had come a long way since been cast under the administration of the Kelantan PAS government.

It is mindsets like this that will make our nation transgress instead of progress.

The people of Kelantan have waited a generation long for more infrastructure and economic activities to take place.

It is still not too late for the people of Kelantan to achieve an even better GDP (which is only a fraction of the richer states like Penang or Selangor) and to develop into a forceful economic power.

Time for the people of Kelantan to rethink if such policies work any more. You have a choice.

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