PKR no better things to do than Rosmah postcards?

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So, PKR has done enough for the well-being of the people, especially Selangor, that they have nothing else to do than to write postcards to the prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor?

PKR has a state to govern. They also said they have a dream to occupy Putrajaya. The people of Selangor need more from them when they voted them in, in the last GE 2008. The people of Selangor want a standard of living that befits their status as the people who live in the richest state in Malaysia.

What has PKR or the Selangor state for that matter contributed towards helping other poor states within the Pakatan conglomerate (Kelantan and Kedah) so that the people in those states can also benefit from the richness of Selangor and Penang?  

Have you helped brought in investments into those states, or is Selangor not keen to invest in Kelantan (through the state's investment arm) to help Kelantan solve their supply of treated water problems, or help build the Kuala Krai-Kota Baru highway, or public housing in Kelantan?

The PKR-led Selangor state government is still very much indebted to the people of Selangor especially under their merakyatkan ekonomi negeri Selangor program. The state government has not done enough for the people other than the subsidised water bill. Further, it is pointless for the state government of the day to now point at their predecessor for the (PKR’s) promises they cannot now deliver.

I believe spending money on postcards and sending them to Rosmah will not do any good to the people. You may have your Party fund you, but if this is what you do, you are but replicating the wrongs that you claimed BN/Umno has done.

I think it is also immoral to habitually distort information by claiming and portraying to members of the public that the PM’s wife is the most powerful woman in Malaysia. This will only serve to belittle the monarch.

I think essentially businessperson Deepak Jaikishan’s case is more commercial in nature. If it is, it fits to be dealt with commercially. As we have a court system, we must uphold it and let the court decide.

MASRUM DAYAT is party chief of Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (Kita).


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