Five New Year resolutions for PM Najib

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This is the time of the year again where resolutions and goals are made.

I supposed you as the premier, are no different from many of us in wanting to achieve your goals in life, notwithstanding the fact that you will be facing the most challenging election of your career in couple of months' time.

Here, may I propose five resolutions you must make if getting re-elected as PM is your goal.

1. Mean what you say and say what you mean

This may sounds too simplistic for a politician like you especially in your dual role as PM for the country and as president of a race-based party.

As a rakyat, we have had quite enough of the double talk, double meaning, read my lips, etc. Enough of the spin.

You must mean what you say and do as you say. This election will decide whether you will continue as the PM or you shall end up as the new opposition leader of this country.

2. Get to the bottom of corruption issues 

We all know, corruption in this country is getting from bad to worse.

Stop the sideshow of catching the ikan bilis cases and go after the grand corruption cases.

This includes politicians from your own party and senior government servants creaming millions of ringgit from the state coffers.

Clean up the MACC and the judiciary that has been abused over the last 25 years and appoint clean and honest people to do the job - go after the crooks and overhaul the entire system.

3. Stop using race and religion to score political points

We have had enough of race and religion. It is in our daily diet of political diatribes. Evoking May 13 has no effect on the current generation of new voters.

Why open old wounds when we Malaysians choose to forget the blip in the country's darkest history?

Scoring points on religion with your party nemesis PAS is also a no brainer when we all know where PAS stands as far as religion is concerned, but Umno?

4. Reclaim the middle ground

How BN lost the middle ground in the last 10 years is a good case study for students of political science.

Let me assure you the middle ground segment is still significant and though we may not be as loud as the extremists of both sides of the political divide eg. Perkasa vs Dong Zong, we make our votes count.

You can do a lot more in regaining the confidence and votes of the middle group by being consistent in your words and deeds and by controlling the extremist elements in your party .

5. Rein in your ‘First Lady'

Your ‘First Lady' is doing more harm than good to your political career. An unelected power broker behind the institution of an elected executive is a recipe for disaster.

The Deepak scandal, the mysterious death of Altantuya, the diamond rings, etc, are distracting issues that you can do without.

These are my recommended resolutions for your 2013 and I wish you all the best in the coming election.

DANIEL TAN is a semi-retired businessman. He believes the country's future lies in the two-party system and after more than 50 years of independence, we should be ready for a new political landscape.

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