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I find it odd that the government allows the use of Mandarin and Tamil as the medium of instruction in vernacular schools and yet is so against bringing back English medium schools to arrest the current free fall of the English language.

It is no point discussing about why our students are so weak in English when the government does not have the political will to do what is right.

I am of the opinion that those who were responsible for the current situation do not care much as their own children never attended Kebangsaan schools but were mostly schooled in private and international schools and later sent overseas for their tertiary education where the medium of instruction is wholly in English.

Even our Mara Junior Science Colleges where the so-called smarter ones are enrolled have English as the medium of instruction. How come the double standards?

Bringing in foreign English teachers from the US and now probably from India is not going to help if the government is not sincere in really wanting to check the rot that had set in since the mid-70s when they did away with English medium schools.

These foreign teachers can only do so much if the desire to learn English is not there more so when English is not a 'must-pass' examination paper in these Kebangsaan schools.

The government forced people of my era to study hard for our Bahasa Malaysia papers as it was a must-pass subject otherwise we wouldn't be issued a full certificate.

Though we found it difficult back then, we slogged away and managed to pass.

So I don't see why the current lot cannot go through the same process for their English language papers like we did for our BM papers.

Mind you, the standard of English being taught nowadays is definitely lower than what it was during my time.

Everything in this country is divided by race and religion despite the country being independent for more than 50 years now.

Education has been politicised by unscrupulous politicians who obviously had their own hidden and selfish agendas.

In the process they have done a great dis-service to the country and our youth who are treated like pawns in their pursuits.

Also, the characters in Perkasa and Dong Zong are just a bunch of extremists which should be ignored by the government.

Pandering to their ridiculous demands certainly will not put the government in good light with the people.

The general election will be announced soon and I hope the people will vote wisely and send those who had caused so much stress and tension in our society into retirement.

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