KL112 shows leaders must heed the rakyat's voice

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The Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat or the People's Uprising Rally in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 12, 2013 (KL112) witnessed over a hundred thousand ordinary Malaysians from all walks of life assembling in Stadium Merdeka to vent their frustrations at the BN government's alleged indifference to their grouses.

Although it was one of the biggest anti-government rallies in the history of the nation and was the talk of every citizen around the country, the mainstream media (MSM) chose to conveniently ignore such a mammoth event, writing it off as insignificant.

Even the usually aggressive police chose to allow the rally that was peaceful and orderly and in keeping with the laws of the country.

It was with dismay that we note the media was still in denial of what was happening around them.

It is most irresponsible of them to mislead the people by blindly supporting the government against the people.

The media plays a very important role in a democratic nation, to bring the right change and check abuses in the government.

The unprofessional attitude and behaviour of the MSM is most regrettable and a hindrance to the progress of the people and the nation.

The peaceful conclusion of the KL112 was a great achievement for the people. The biggest lesson from this mammoth rally was the unity of the people that was undeniably the source of their strength.

It was this unprecedented unity amongst people of all ethnicities that had brought them thus far to a state where they have the power in their hands to make demands and change the government as they wish.

It is this unity of the people that will empower the rakyat to determine their own destiny.

This unity is being put to the biggest test as the election campaign intensifies with the approaching GE13 where winning is vital for both the ruling and opposition parties.

Controversial racial and religious issues keep coming up again and again despite being settled amicably before, the latest being the ‘Allah' issue.

Will these controversies disrupt the unity of the people to the extent that it prevents the change demanded by them?

Will the people succumb to the divide and rule tactics of our politicians?

The people are now in the final lap of their campaign to bring in a new government and create a two-party system.

They are up against a powerful government and a biased media all out to hinder their success.

They must not fall prey to the foolish and selfish in-fighting of their leaders over a few minor differences among them which can be amicably settled later when in power.

Only their strong unity based on mutual trust can overcome these forces arrayed against them. As the saying goes, "united we rise, divided we fall" .

They must put their differences aside for the sake of their future, their nation and their children.

At the mammoth rally of KL112, Pakatan leaders have pledged to listen to the wishes of the people.

They have pleaded for a chance to make the people's voices the voices of the leaders of this nation.

The people have taken great pains to be there in the packed Stadium Merdeka, standing for hours under the scorching heat of the sun of that Saturday afternoon as a sign of their sacrifice and willingness to give Pakatan that chance with earnest hope that its leaders will not let them down.

Come what may they must stand up boldly to honour their pledges to the people.


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