Forum panellist's arrogance mirrors BN's

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I would like to jump into the "Listen, listen, listen" bandwagon. At first, I thought the whole episode reeked of a local reality show.

Then I googled "KS Bawani" and found her Facebook page i.e. Bawani KS.

Interestingly, she only had seven likes in December and as I write now, she has more than 19,700 likes!

Bawani became an overnight sensation after her video went viral.

Popular Malaysian artistes like Yuri and Namewee have even made video parodies of the incident.

My take on the whole thing: Forum panellist Sharifah Zohra Jabeen is the epitome of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

Just like BN which has been in power for the past 55 years and has become complacent, Bawani is the epitome of the suppression of freedom.

Just like the rakyat who allowed BN to be in power year in year out for the past 55 years.

The rakyat who are supposed to be the boss who voted in BN, the servant to serve them, have turned the tables on them.

Now, the rakyat is subjected to draconian laws that restrict freedom of expression and speech (Peaceful Assembly Act, Police Act and Sedition Act) as well as the OSA which restricts freedom of information, so that they can continue to plunder the nation's wealth by dishing out mega contracts to cronies and deplete the nation's natural resources.

Sharifah also had the audacity to say that she was being respectful towards Bawani. It is so typical of BN's style to be oblivious of their follies.

Asking critics (no matter how constructive) to leave the country if they are not happy is another example BN's arrogant style.

Expecting the other party to "listen, listen, listen to me" and not allowing the other party to speak is the actual depiction of the relationship among the BN's main component parties of Umno, MCA and MIC.

When Umno talks, the others just listen and agree.

Where do we go from here?

Remember pre-2008 when BN had the two-thirds majority and the effects of the 2008 political earthquake that denied them the two-thirds majority?

Remember the pre-2008, exhibition of Ketuanan Melayu during the Umno general assembly and the post-2008, incessant attacks on the opposition being the main agendas of Umno and MCA general assemblies?

That showed us that we, the rakyat, possess the power to make a difference. It's Peoples' Power (Makkal Sakti).

We need to remove them from power in order to remove these shackles that are preventing us from moving forward to a better future.

Make them "listen, listen, listen" to us!

NICOLE TAN LEE KOON is secretary, Seremban branch, Negri Sembilan DAP.


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