Screening of Tanda Putera is reckless

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The litany of offences by the BN is now not only alarming but also is dangerous.

The latest, the closed door screening of ‘Tanda Putera' to Felda settlers is not just reckless but is begging a spark to ignite a powder keg created by the BN.

Mature citizens have long forgotten this aberration in our history. By raising the spectre of May 13, it would seem that all rational thinking has departed from the BN political mindset.

It is akin to the scorched earth policy employed by Napoleon and Hitler whose armies laid waste to the land as they retreated from the battlefield, leaving the victors nothing but burnt land.

Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Ministry has lifted the ban on the ‘Viswaroopam' movie after much delay due to public calls.

The film was banned on Jan 25 following complaints made to the Home Ministry by the Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) and the Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (Permim).

The Film Censorship Board made 12 cuts on the film. But Kimma and Permim made further complaints which resulted in the ministry setting up a special panel comprising of the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and censorship board officers to review the film, focusing on religious and security aspects.

The Home Affairs Ministry then made another 12 cuts and now has announced the lifting of the ban. I understand that the film distributor, Lotus films, doesn't want to screen the movie after 24 cuts.

Kimma and Permim are Umno cronies and they want to be more Malay than Indian. They have more influence than all the other BN beggar parties like MIC, PPP and IPF.

These Indian based parties have no backbone and are depending on Umno and Premier Najib Razak to win back Indian votes.

In India itself ‘Viswaroopam' is being screened after seven cuts on the movie after protests from smaller Muslim groups.

But in Malaysia, the film censor board has made 24 cuts before lifting the ban.

‘Viswaroopam' is just like any other Hollywood or for that matter Tamil movie. This movie has been slaughtered beyond recognition.

Yet, without considering the consequences and the possible repercussions, Najib has allowed the screening of ‘Tanda Putera' to 3,000 Felda settlers.

A movie criticised by many as seditious and harmful to a multi-racial society is screened to targeted rural groups to poison their minds.

On the other hand Najib is reaching out to Indian and Chinese communities with sweet promises with no results yet.

Najib and Umno are now possessed by sheer desperation to stay in power. They don't care if its action can harm the people or the economy and take the country backwards.

They are forcing Malaysians of all backgrounds to choose only Umno/BN by hook or crook.

Where is the 1Malaysia feeling and spirit in these actions of PM and Umno. Is 1Malaysia a mere vote buying slogan? The PM must understand that action speaks louder than words.

In allowing venom to be spat at certain sectors of society by handpicked individuals, the BN is overtly encouraging and even supporting calls for the burning of religious books and the closure of Batu Caves just because it is inconvenient and causes a traffic jam once a year.

The founding fathers of this nation, including the PM's father would never have brooked such flagrant abuse, deprivation and deception.

The silence of the PM on these issues is egregious and borders on utter insanity if he expects the events to lead to their calculated catastrophe.

It is almost as if the BN has given up on anything clean or above board. The exposé on the number of phantoms, the torrid revelations at the Sabah RCI, should have prompted immediate action by the EC.

Instead, the EC chairperson asks an infantile question as to what detergent to use to bersih ( clean ) the rolls! His response is preposterous, it can only elicit shock and disbelief from right-thinking citizens, coming from a person appointed to ensure free and fair elections.

And he has the audacity to say that we can expect 'unexpected situations' to occur! All he has to do is to carry out his appointed task with the same reverence as his appointment letter reflects.

By his own admission, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has openly admitted that BN "is the devil you know." There is more truth in that Freudian slip than meets the eye.

S RAMAKRISHNAN is a former senator.

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