Influx of immigrants led to armed intrusions in Sabah

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The events that transpire in Sabah are disturbing to say the least.

When an army of armed intruders could easily waltz into our territory and hold a state to ransom. How do we Malaysians react to that?

Who gives the answers? Who deserves to give the real answers?

To understand the complexity of the situation, we must note that we have been let down by our leaders and politicians.

They wantonly allowed people who offered no benefit to Malaysia to become naturalised citizens. I ask what for?

People of Malaysia, this influx of immigrants converted to Malaysian citizens is the basis of the security problem we face now. It is what emboldens them to claim our soil as theirs.

It is what has given them intelligence and supplies and essentially - a window of opportunity to strike at us while we sleep.

What have our leaders done other than to shift the blame on others and continue to live in their dream world of government knows best?

I ask you dear reader, after the dust has settled, the sword of justice comes swiftly down on our enemies, will our leaders go back to blind sense of security and claim greatness when mediocrity rules the day?

Shall we not leave any stone unturned? Shall we not find the true traitors that have caused much strife on the people of Sabah and Malaysia.

Malaysians, know that the greatest enemy is the one that puts the nation at risk. Those on the seat of power blindly go on their business of deluding us, cheating us off our security, our dignity and our future.

Like Nero playing his fiddle as Rome burned. People of Malaysia, I am very angry and I demand answers. You should too - it is our right, our country, and our future. There will be-there should be repercussions.

People of Malaysia, do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people, who will not be slaves again.

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