GE13 will be on 13 May 13 - want to bet?

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It is already past March 8, 2008, more than five years since the last general election and yet Parliament has not been dissolved .

Parliament will dissolve automatically on April 29, 2013.

If Premier Najib Abdul Razak does not dissolve Parliament by that date, that would be most embarrassing for him and confirm to all that he is indeed a very weak leader - it'll be a gift from Najib to former premier Mahathir Mohamad and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to kick him (Najib) out for good.

So, it is clear that Parliament will be dissolved by April 29, 2013, unless the war in Sabah does not end and Najib declares a state of emergency throughout the nation.

That is unlikely, given that the economic repercussions will be in billions of ringgit, and Umno and its cronies would be the most affected.

So, Parliament will be dissolved by April 29.

When will GE13 be?

Najib has already made all kinds of promises to the Indians and to a lesser extent, the Chinese.

Mahathir has been revving Malay emotions to the maximum to try and secure votes for Umno from the Malay masses.

The government controlled media has been blasting the glories of Umno and the evils of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan every day without fail.

The Malays are being bombarded by Utusan , TV3 and RTM about the threats from the Chinese and the dangers faced by the Malays of a Pakatan win.

Various known and unknown personalities have suddenly crawled out (Musa Hassan, Deepak Jaikishan, Chandra Muzaffar, Raja Petra Kamarudin, etc.) to expose not only the evils of Pakatan and Anwar but also the wrongdoings of Najib (clearly, someone very powerful does not want Najib as PM after GE13 even if Umno-BN wins).

The repeat 1Malaysia handout (bribe) of RM500 to the Malaysian masses has just been completed.

The youth have been given (bribed) RM200 rebate for handphone purchases.

School children have also received their 1Malaysia angpows (bribes) in January.

The (overwhelmingly Malay) police and military have just received handsome pay increases (bribes).

The (overwhelmingly Malay) civil service has also just received a fat pay rise (bribe).

These recipients have all been readied (bribed) to vote for Umno/BN.

The statistics and figures coming out from Bank Negara, the government and their (paid) local and international economists and journalists show Malaysia as the biggest success story in this gloomy global economy.

The EC has also said that it is ready to conduct GE13 and that the electoral roll has been cleaned up - eg. only 28 percent of the newly registered 440,000 voters in Selangor cannot be identified (What more can be expected from the EC which is clean and impartial, in spite of its head and deputy head being (past) Umno members?).

And finally a situation has arisen, the Sabah war, which should convince the people that they should vote for Umno-BN - incumbents have always won elections during wars (remember Desert Storm and USA President George W Bush, etc.)

Now if all that does not convince the voter to vote for Umno/BN, there is the final weapon, May 13.

Mahathir, Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali, Umno Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, and various others have warned about the high possibility of riots after GE13.

Some have even explicitly stated that there may be another May 13 if the voters do not vote properly, that is if they don't vote for Umno-BN.

What is the best way to drive home this point and remind voters, especially the Chinese and Indians, about the possibility of another May 13 if Umno-BN were to lose GE13? Hold GE13 on 13 May 13.

Now, that is a strategy which will definitely convince the Chinese and Indians to vote for Umno/BN.

It just happens that 13 May 13 will be the most optimum date for the EC to hold GE13, and the choice of this date will have nothing to do with Mahathir, Najib or Umno.

Be warned and be prepared for GE13 on May 13, 13.

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