BN's strategy of wooing voters is a turnoff

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I doubt if there are many fence sitters left for this upcoming general elections. In fact many are itching to get to the polls, do their national duty and get on with their lives.

In case there are some who still have not made up your minds, please do read the alternative online news portals for a period and stop the toxic diet of RTM and mainline newspapers for the moment.

See for yourselves how the BN government seeks to woo the public through the only means they know how - fabricated sex videos of their opponents, thuggish behaviour at their opponents' ceramah, playing on issues of religion and race to divide Malaysians and to create suspicion between the races as well as handing out cash rewards to the public.

What's lacking are long term tangible policies on lifting the economy, improving public education, and making Malaysia competitive in the international arena.

We want a government who behaves maturely and honorably.

The Pakatan government from my observation has carried themselves more maturely - choosing to discuss issues and policies rather than personal attacks on their opponents.

You do not see sleazy videos supposedly of their BN opponents in public sphere or playing up emotional issues to divide the country.

The Pakatan manifesto instead seeks to address issues of the economy and education.

The young and upcoming politicians in Pakatan carry themselves with dignity and show a high degree of talent and maturity. It bodes well for the nation when young leaders become a part of government.

I hope we will all do our part in the democratic process of the nation by voting responsibly, thinking of future generations.

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