Mariam's hypocrisy on Waythamoorthy

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I refer to an article titled 'Waytha's betrayal' by Mariam Mokthar in Malaysiakini .

Mariam, I don't want to get into the nitty gritty of whom you represent with your slant, which obviously does not define journalism as the fourth pillar of democracy like what we all used to enjoy with the late MGG Pillai.

How I wish he was around as he would have torn apart all prejudiced wannabe journalists like you.

I am stating this as my our own opinion and conviction as a fellow Malaysian irrespective of my origin, on the basis of fairness, in an objective manner rather than a subjective one, on the questions raised by you.

1. You appear to target the opposition, instead of focusing your ire on BN, whose policies corrupted the country and its institutions. Some people accuse you of prostituting yourself by approaching both parties. What have you to say about this?

Here you will instantly fail in any school of journalism. In the very first instance; you are supposed to be a carrier of facts and bipartisan opinions, not make assumptions in a yellow journalistic method.

You claim many things based on gossip, not facts that are determined or proven. You are trying to sow seeds for how you want the masses to see it, without any honesty. Factually neither party has come forward to address the prevailing issues for the Malaysian Indians.

2. For 56 years, BN continually broke its promises to the Indians. Do you like the Umno/BN style of governance? What is your view of Umno's corruption? Can you continue to claim to be principled when you enter into talks with BN?

You are talking about history; sure Indians were left to languish at the mercy of the coalitions and the ever willing voters who kept them there, until the rise of Hindraf.

How much better has it been with Pakatan state governments?

In Perak, nothing has changed for the Malaysian Indians. There were 110,000 land titles in 349 Rancangan Kampung Tersusun for Malay Muslims in Perak; 102,000 land titles in 134 Chinese New Villages in Perak; 10 acres to each and every Orang Asli in Perak; 1,000 acres of land and RM100 million for pig farming in Sepang, Selangor and more than 607 (Chinese) New Villages nationwide with 1.2 million villagers.

I can keep on going, just look at your latest Pakatan manifesto and the 14 point rescue plan by DAP after Hindraf de facto leader P Waythamoorthy's fast. Need I say more as to who is principled or who is not?

3. You were given your passport, safe passage into Malaysia via the Causeway and later, the ban on Hindraf was lifted. Some people allege that Hindraf had done a "deal" with Umno, perhaps, even with Mahathir, the former PM. Is there any substance to this allegation?

This statement clearly depicts how well versed you are with politics sitting in Zone 5 Harrow, London writing about politics in Malaysia. Do you think Umno is so stupid politically?

For God's sake they have been running the country for the last 56 years, do you think they are going to get brownie points amongst Malaysian Indians if they had stopped Waytha for the political advantage of the opposition? This is gutter journalism.

4. Is Hindraf trying to fill the vacuum left by the MIC?

Is DAP filling for MCA? Is PAS filling in for Umno? And PKR with their rejects filling the remaining blanks for Man God Anwar?

5. Hindraf started as a human rights organisation, but has morphed into a race-based political party. How is Malaysia to move forward and reject racial politics if you continue to play the race card? How are your policies better than Pakatan's?

Mariam, you must be really naïve, Hindraf started to put an end to the destruction of temples, forceful and policy based conversions, the statelessness of the displaced estate workers and encroachment of human rights that was ignored even by the opposition until they had the backing of Hindraf in GE12.

They have not morphed; it is you and those alike that have morphed with an artificial Malaysia first agenda.

I think your Pakatan manifesto speaks volume on this. Race cards will always be an issue in Malaysia because we are not homogenous countries like Korea, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan.

The only way to better a heterogeneous community like us is to stop talking rhetoric and unite to address the factual predicament of the Malaysian Indians.

6. You appear to be fighting racism with more racism. Not all Malays or bumiputeras benefit from the NEP. Many indigenous peoples from Sarawak are also stateless. Hindraf will look after the Indians, so what will Hindraf do for the poor people from the Malay, Chinese and other communities?

As a journalist, you should do more research instead of blowing the trumpet just because you found your opportunity after 2009.

The questions about Orang Asli, the Sarawak people, Malays and Chinese are pretty redundant as they are constitutionally protected and if they are not, have they approached Hindraf and have they said they won't help?

Who do you think assisted Anwar in having his Early Day Motion in London and exposure to the State Reform Party and United Borneo Front to obtain exposure in the UN? This is what I call lazy journalism.

7. Many people have been played out by Umno and Najib. What makes you think that they will honour their promises and keep their "janji ditepati" to you?

Well, what is the difference with Pakatan in the Kg Buah Pala issue? They made promises in videos including all the stalwarts in DAP and PKR before the GE12. You want evidence? See here .

8. Hindraf demanded 10 parliamentary and seven state seats for it to contest from Pakatan. Have you made a similar demand to BN?

Mariam? Obviously you have not even read the Hindraf blueprint but rather write on hearsay, spinning words at your whim. Thank you for the quality of your journalism skills.

9. Do you seriously think you will win the 17 parliamentary and state seat allocations you demanded from Pakatan? Is it wise to tell your followers to abstain from voting?

Mariam, aren't you at the height of it? You want answers; answers that are self-serving and not for the betterment of the community with your selective process.

If it was so easy, what was Pakatan doing until you needed Waytha to fast and go through a crash course for what the Malaysian Indian needs, like the 14 action plan initiated by DAP for Malaysian Indians.

10. Do you think BN is alarmed about the consequences of your hunger strike? Do you think you will make a significant impact on Malaysians? What are your real reasons for going on this strike? What do you seek to accomplish with this hunger strike? What will make you start eating again?

Mariam, you are getting emotional? It is for others to recognise the originality of the effort for a cause - not how we swing for the deprived ones as and when as it fits us individually - like for the patronage that one gets with Malaysiakini .

Dear Mariam, please understand; as a Malaysian I don't intend to deride you for your mendacious growls without any substance in superficially vindicating Waytha and his intentions.

I am responding as a fellow Malaysian irrespective of origin as I can see the truth in Waytha's path to highlight a truth and seek justice.

I wish you the best of luck, Mariam.

Editor's note: Mariam Mokhtar is a regular columnist with Malaysiakini and not a journalist.


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