Hindraf's right struggle, but wrong path

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N Ganesan, replying for Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy, has succeeded in demonising the good Mariam Mokhtar for daring to question the tactics of Waythamoorthy.

If Hindraf cannot engage in cultured discussion and rebuttals, all of Mariam's comments about Hindraf's desperation and misplaced self-importance will be shown to be true.

And using Mariam to demand answers of Anwar Ibrahim highlights that and Hindraf's impotence and perhaps growing irrelevance.

Hindraf has a serious point in wanting to reverse 50 years of neglect.

However, their's is not the only way.

If they don't realise that and work with those with some common interests, they will destine themselves to oblivion.

If Ganesan's letter is indicative of their thinking, Hindraf is already on that path.

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